niceFingers: Intercontinental Beat Collection

“Even though niceFingers is a collaboration of two men located thousands of kilometers from each other, their sound is perfectly seamless.” – Musigh



The Los Angeles based duo niceFingers announces their debut collection “International Beat Collection.” Consisting of 9 original tracks, this album was produced while Nick Waterhouse was living in Shenyang, China and Dave Schneider was living in Los Angeles, California. Using file-sharing websites, niceFingers traded tracks back and forth, each adding elements of their completely different environments and letting the other member creatively interpret the tracks as they saw fit. The results can be described as a blend of melodic glitch-hop, dubstep, downtempo and even bass-infused salsa.

Nick and Dave are passionate about bringing a lovable, uplifting, and motivating sound to the community. Recently reunited after living on different continents, the two musicians have hit the ground running, playing festivals while putting the final touches on this collection. It is no surprise that niceFingers has morphed into a composition/production duo, successfully blending the bass genre into something all their own. Delivering only the freshest tracks to satisfy your musical hunger, sit back and enjoy as the vision continues to mature and evolve.

Having already received attention in the blogosphere prior to its release, Intercontinental Beat Collection is now officially available for free high quality download on the niceFingers bandcamp page.

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