kLL sMTH – Gnartificial Intelligence Mix D/L & EP Drop

Meet kLL sMTH, a young Colorado-based producer with a knack for glitch music. His style is reminiscent at times of Project Aspect but not quite as crunk, a raw take on Mouldy Soul with a little Mr. Bill mixed in for darkness. Ominous, hard-hitting and forever twisting through contortions, his music builds constantly, exploding with energy, ticking with glitches that could tear some cartilage out there if you haven’t stretched right.

He posted the mix below on Soundcloud in the fall, but hasn’t released it for download until now,  as it contains tracks that just dropped in the prime Serendipitous Travels EP on Simplfy Records. The album came out on Beatport June 6th and contains his best work yet, check it out!

One half of 2NUTZ along with Atomic Reactor, it seems he is mastering his tools and finding his sound. This mix is a lot of fun, it shows how far he has come and how much potential he has. His great synth work, clean production skills and unique approach to bass music is quickly putting him on the map, especially with this release. Composed of all original material, this is a massive statement to make out of the gate.. BUMP THIS my glorious friends!

Stream / Download:

kLL sMTH – Gnartificial Intelligence Mix



1. Goosebumpin’2NUTZ
2. Brain Drops
3. Cabbage Cannon
4. Semantik Blockage
5. The Universe (kLL sMTH Remix) – Atomic Reactor
6. Lazer-Guided-Blapahedron2NUTZ
7. Crunk in Public2NUTZ
8. Son et Lumiere & Inertiatic esp (kLL sMTH remix) – Mars Volta
9. Racecar Passenger
10. Spider BattlezbLK sMTH
11. Slamborghini
12. Faced
13. Recapitulate
14. Mental Floss
15. Step 2 It Ft. Van Kalsing
16. Let Go (kLL sMTH Remix) – Frou Frou




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