Nadis Warriors: Re:Birth – A Chat with Jason Hahn

Nadis Warriors reunite for their first live performance in six years on June 1st, 2o19 for their “Re:Birth” showcase. Taking place in their musical home roots of Austin, Texas, this trio is set to unleash deeply felt vibes that transcends the human experience. Fusing instrumentals with electronic frequencies, they reflect on vivid grounding and pure psychedelia dosed in danceable, downtempo liquid grooves that resembles connectivity. Made up of creative resonance and a strong connection with everyone from the crowd to the dancers to the painters, and everything that surrounds in between, their collaborative focus of rebirth awaits. Its continued movement is set to transform us further into presence and reunite the inspired collective for a special treatment.

From Re:Evolution Media, creator of profound events such as Manifestation Celebration, Om Vibrations, and more, Nadis Warriors member, Jason Hahn has accomplished a variety of projects in holistic realms both in and outside the music community. Intention drives the spirit of these expressive creations and we are all looking forward to the birth of a new found phase.

Re:Birth Pre-Party is one day prior on May 31st featuring Mr Bill, Bogtrotter, Living Light, and Dr Fameus, and Allen Aucoin from the Disco Biscuits. Official Re:Birth features Nadis Warriors, Desert Dwellers, Random Rab, Bluetech, Living Light, Mantoid, Uncle Duane’s Band, and visuals by Android Jones. Join us at!!

Q&A w/ Jason Hahn

Congrats on your reunion! What can we expect from Re:Birth on June 1st?

We are so excited to be back! We have 6 years of pent up energy ready to be released. So many amazing things have happened in our lives. As with our fans, we have had triumphs and tribulations, we now feel it’s time for our Rebirth. Like caterpillars turning into butterflies. We hope that we can represent this in the live show and look forward to sharing this manifestation with everyone.

In what ways do you think allowing space in performance will take you to your next “phase”. Share any feels with the three of you getting ready to jam again.

For one, it will bring us all together again, allowing us to play off each other’s energy. I always enjoyed Matt and Jared’s expression, and when they perform together, it’s a magical moment.

Many times when I was on stage with them, I myself got chills as they played with the movement and momentum from the crowd. I see them as my brothers (Jared being my actual brother), and the relationship with the band is stronger than ever. It’s going to be a very special set with a lot of love among the band and the reunion of seeing the faces we used to see dancing in the crowd. We’ve always played off the crowd’s energy and I think the expectations are high, forcing us to bring the best of our musical art and expression as we can.

Besides a reunion show, do you three have plans for more musical creation? What’s the focus and the next step and how do you plan to meet certain goals?

Honestly, we haven’t talked about a tour or future shows. We have put all our energy into making this the most intense and inspired show of our lives. So we literally haven’t even discussed anything beyond this show. This is the most important show of our career as a band.

Jason, you mentioned that creativity and promotion are key assets and hold valuable lessons. What do you think is the best way to grow organically as a musician?

Independent musicians have a dual role. They have to be amazing at their craft, but they also need to know how to get their message out to the masses. The internet, and social media is a great tool to get your music heard. Our success has always been grassroots and word of mouth. For that to happen, however, you have to know how to be seen and heard from your potential audience.

Do you have any daily/weekly rituals? If so, what helps to create balance and strengthen focus?

Every day, I literally have my alarm set that says: create your day. I spend five minutes each morning creating my day, manifesting, and giving thanks. I also open a page from Messiah’s Handbook (from Illusions by Richard Bach)

Today’s quote was:                                                                                                                             

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”


You reflect conscious electronic music in the Livetronica world. Who are some of your biggest live influences?

Phish has always been my favorite band. I used to go on Phish tour in college, and still to this day, try and catch as many shows as I can.

Grateful Dead, String Cheese, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Talking Heads, The Byrds, have all had a major impact in my life.

Who is your favorite producer right now? Why?

Desert Dwellers, they’re progressive, inspiring, full of intention and great people inside and out. They are also on the cusp of blowing up, they just hit Billboards charts for their new album Breath. How many independent artists with a unique sound can say that?

If you could see one change in the music industry, what would it be and why? What steps are you willing to take to see shift happen?

Independent musicians continuing to thrive. Helping promote them through our medium of concert production and immersive events.

What do you feel makes you different from any typical live band? Knowing it’s your strength, what is your overall message during your live performances?

We approach every song, every show with laser focused intention. We try and create an experience whether live or in the studio with our fans in mind. Knowing their art is evolving like ours. That we are all co-creators in this experience and love of the art, the music, and the expression of our manifestation on this planet is a reflection of our potentiality. We try to produce this every time we go on stage, and Rebirth is that moment for us to express this again.

Re:Evolution Media birthed an inspiring creative outlet to support innovative musicians through conscious gatherings. Past events include Manifestation Celebration and Om Vibration and furthered an extension into a booking agency representing dozens of artists. Do you plan on bringing back quarterly events in the future?

It’s definitely something I am passionate about. Again, all of the focus is on Rebirth. I took the past 6 yrs off fighting the opiate addiction epidemic, by opening a non 12 step holistic rehab Ripple, and outpatient center called Opiate Treatment Centers of America, educated other rehabs about importance of bringing science based treatments into their centers, meeting with members of Congress to push the opiate bill through, and finally opening a non narcotic pharmacy to give physicians a new approach to treating chronic pain. Now that I feel I have done my purpose in that arena, I am ready to focus my energy on these events. This time wiser, focused, and full of intention. Creating a space for people who want and envision a tribe of like minded souls, thriving, loving, dancing, and celebrating the trials and triumphs together. With the idea of transforming collectively to take this energy into their communities with inspiration to express themselves to their highest purpose.

Anything else you would like to share?

I just would like to say I am an awe of the support in this continued vision and the ability to do what I love. Even this many years later, the outpouring of support is humbling.

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