Catskill Chill Music Festival 2014 Preview & Acts Not to Miss

by Aquamarinaon August 25, 2014
It’s nearing that time of year again, as we may start to see signs of autumn fall around us… But, this doesn’t signal the end of summer festivities. It’s about that time to kick back, relax, and boogie over to Catskill Chill! The festival grounds are perched in the stunning Catskill Mountains, right beside a […]
tiger fresh cover

Tiger Fresh – ‘NAMSAYN’ Review

by KatoPopon August 21, 2014
NAMSAYN is the latest release from MalLabel Music by Oakland-based producer Tiger Fresh. This six-track EP is like a REALLY GOOD DATE. It’s been a while since I’ve been on one of those, but my recollection of a really good date usually involves birds chirping, mystery, excitement, anticipation, and a solid kiss goodnight. The first track, “Changes,” is a […]


Ion Driver – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by inertgeometryon August 19, 2014
TEXAS, 10:45 PM CDT, April 19th, 2014 A group of friends celebrating Bicycle Day at an outdoor psychedelic music festival in the hill country of central Texas experienced what can only be described as “alien sounds,” ripping apart the fabric of space and engulfing one of the friends, Olivia, into oblivion near the conclusion of […]

Flume at Royale, Boston [7.29.14] Review & Photos

by VersaceLettuceon August 17, 2014
Flume has made it. The 22 year old producer is almost singlehandedly responsible for the global uncovering of a new style of Australian dance music which is taking the world by storm. He champions a singular approach that is both on the cutting edge of dance music, and is so universally accessible that he appeals to […]

Dirtybird BBQ Tour – Interview with Christian Martin

by Satellite Manon August 14, 2014
Written by Lady Binx and Satellite Man In anticipation for Dirtybird‘s BBQ Tour, Christian Martin fills us in on Leroy Peppers, tells us how not to invest our money, and confesses his rabbit-eating spirit bird. Hmm… The burgers, dogs, and carne asada start sizzling this Sunday in Brooklyn, and from there Claude VonStroke and friends […]


Rena Jones – Interview & Oakland Show Preview

by Guy Shechteron August 12, 2014
Interviews are probably my favorite part of this job. Artists are by and large some of the most interesting people on this planet and getting to pick their brains is a wonderful experience. More than just enjoyable though, sometimes these interactions can be extremely enlightening and inspirational. The thought provoking conversation I had with Rena […]

Unifier Transformational Healing and Expressive Arts Festival 2014 Review

by denise porter kempon August 6, 2014
The very first people I encountered when I arrived at Unifier were Soledad Gonzalez and her daughter Coeli Marsh, who parked right next to me in the off-site grassy field parking lot on Saturday morning of the festival. We instantly became acquainted during our short bus ride to Camp Laurel, the Girl Scout camp in Lebanon, Connecticut […]

Wild Woods

Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival 2014 Preview

by VersaceLettuceon August 5, 2014
In recent years it has become almost standard practice for festivals to provide their attendees with a holistic experience, catering to the participants’ spiritual, artistic, and physical needs. Even in Wild Woods‘ inaugural year, the festival seems intent to provide its participants with this sort of comprehensive experience. The curators of the festival, GreenVibe Entertainment, plan […]

Archnemesis Summer Mix (Lost in Sound Exclusive)

by IntuiSeanon August 3, 2014
Tracklist: Kill The Noise – Saturn (Kill Paris Remix/Archnemesis Re-Edit) Archnemesis – Show Me Love Archnemesis – Undisputed Archnemesis – Bumpin’ Archnemesis – Every Man For Himself Archnemesis – We Want The World Gramatik – Uprising (Archnemesis Re-Edit) Archnemesis – Welcome To Atlanta Archnemesis – Follow Me Archnemesis – Helicopter Mack Archnemesis – Lose Control […]


Redwoods, Rivers & Radiance – Northern Nights Music Festival 2014 Review

by LadyBinXon August 2, 2014
“Trudy, Trudy, Trudy!!!” the crowd chanted, just after ODEZSA closed out Northern Nights Music Festival on Sunday, July 20th. The MC for the evening, clad in an LED light infused suit, welcomed Keith & Trudy to the main stage to thank them for providing the land that we all had the pleasure of dancing on […]

Animatronix ‘Re:Connect’ Remix Album

by Guy Shechteron August 1, 2014
Written by Guy Shechter and David ‘Dino’ Durkin On July 8th Street Ritual released Re:Connect, a collection of remixes from Animatronix’s album Connect which was released back in January. The album features remixes from an eclectic group of artists, namely: Duffrey, Spundose, DubCOliNG, TEMPI, Soulacybin, Karmasynk, Ahimsa, and one from Animatronix himself. The album is action […]

Beloved Lineup 2014

Interview with Beloved Festival Producer Elliot Rasenick

by David 'Dino' Durkinon July 31, 2014
Beloved Festival Tidewater, OR August 8-11, 2014 “A sneak peak of the new paradigm” Interview with Elliot Rasenick, producer of Beloved & Inspired Truth NYE… [LiS] You like to keep Beloved small and intimate at around 1,111 tickets, right? [Elliot Rasenick] It’s a little bigger than that, but once you are there, you know it’s […]

Pushing Through the Pavement – A Permaculture Action Tour with The Polish Ambassador

by Desdemona Dallason July 30, 2014
“This is a revolution in how we enjoy music. In how we participate with the land around us, and the people, and the artists who come to visit it.” -The Polish Ambassador This past June The Polish Ambassador released his 12th album Pushing Through the Pavement, and this fall his tour will do exactly that. David Sugalski […]


Ascension ft. Ott & The All Seeing I – Knew Conscious Gallery 3 Year Anniversary (Interview with Kurt Redeker)

by DigitalVagabondon July 24, 2014
We linked up with Knew Conscious Gallery owner Kurt Redeker and got the inside scoop on his upcoming 3 year anniversary party. Knew Conscious gallery has become a central node in Denver for left field artists, and we were pleased to hear they had booked Ott. and his live band The All Seeing I. Read up […]

Justin Jay – ‘Instincts’ EP – Big Enough for the Deep End #6

by Ben Rosneron July 19, 2014
Justin Jay is a producer who has risen rather quickly throughout the ranks of the tech house/deep house front. Recently, the Los Angeles based producer was signed to ghetto-tech house doyen Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records and featured on VonStroke’s new LP Urban Animal. Like many other individuals in the electronic music world, Justin Jay is […]


Tales of Triumph – Lost in Sound Exclusive Interview with The Glitch Mob

by saRaHtoninon July 18, 2014
The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality – OUT NOW! iTunes | Amazon | Glitch Mob Webstore | Store Locator “When we write music it all starts with a feeling or an emotion, and from that comes the story. This time around, the story we were telling was a bit more grandiose and universal… Drink the Sea was a very personal album. […]

All You Need to Know For Shambhala Music Festival 2014

by saRaHtoninon July 17, 2014
….Don’t forget your passport…. Where? Salmo River, British Columbia When? August 6-11th, 2014 Do I need a camping pass? Guests are welcome to set up their tents where ever they would like with no additional fees. Unless you plan to camp next to your vehicle/RV/Trailer, in this case you will need to purchase a small decal […]


Lost in Sound’s First Trip Down ‘The Wormhole’

by Guy Shechteron July 16, 2014
Cover photo art by Jacqueline Krase In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, all of us here at Lost In Sound are very excited about our new partnership with Oakland’s thriving weekly event – Wormhole Wednesday. Wormhole has been bringing fresh new life to the vibrant Oakland music community for years. Wormhole teams up […]

Fort Knox Five Interview – See Them at Northern Nights Music Festival This Weekend!

by LadyBinXon July 15, 2014
“We want people to go into it with an open mind, and let the beat and the melodies do the work of cleansing their soul with laughter, smiles, friendships, dancing, and love.” LostinSound caught up with Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five, one of the must-see artists at Northern Nights Music Festival July 18-20th. Currently […]

WTF 2014LEE_4013-2

What The Festival 2014 Review

by KatoPopon July 10, 2014
My journey to What The Festival began with an impossible Craigslist ride-share. From Oakland to Portland, an attempt to meet fellow Lost in Sound contributor Gnarpony Encapsulation for a two leg trip ending in Dufur, Oregon, failed miserably. I graciously opted out of being folded into a two-seater truck that was optimistically accommodating five people – four […]

Gratifly Music & Arts Festival 2014 Preview

by ConziousPrimeon July 9, 2014
Gratifly Website | Facebook | Twitter Buy Discount Tix | Win 2 FREE Tix If you’ve never been to the mystical lands of Avalon before, you are in for a real treat. The beautiful location in Westminster, South Carolina is the perfect spot for this intimate and creative gathering. From the moment you drive onto […]

North America Psytrance Series – Welcome to Pangea Pt.7

by Kyle Fractaltribeon July 7, 2014
Hi-Res Photos by Fractaltribe Driving through the majestic mountain ranges of North Carolina, it is easy to understand why Pure Perception Records calls their annual festival “Return to Pangea,” I felt transported back to pre human time with fractalized lush mountainscapes on either side for hundreds of miles. Darkness descends upon us during the final stretch, […]
PRSN Featured

PRSN – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by Satellite Manon July 6, 2014
Every so often I’ll embark on a trance-like, indulgent SoundCloud binge. I  transcend genres, states, countries, and usually end up in some bizarre corner of the musical universe. Just when I think I’ve wasted hours of my day, I’ll stumble upon a perfect mix or artist I’ve been seeking to fill that void. PRSN is […]


10 Acts Not To Miss At The Hudson Project

by grandoseon July 5, 2014
Preview by Rob Mancino, Patrice Noelle, & Tom Grandon When the announcement was made that Camp Bisco would not be going down this summer, the general reaction was varied to say the least. In my opinion Camp was a disappointment last year, so this news was music to my ears. I figured they would take the summer […]

niceFingers – ‘Dreamery’ Review

by gnomefireon July 4, 2014
From the opening lullaby-like chimes of “Ecliptic,” one can surmise that the latest release Dreamery from LA-based duo niceFingers is aptly titled… Although it is doubtful that you’d want to sleep through it, especially on a first listen. There is an undeniably etheric and dream-like quality throughout the EP, however, when the driving bass-lines and pulsating synths […]