Ascension ft. Ott & The All Seeing I – Knew Conscious Gallery 3 Year Anniversary (Interview with Kurt Redeker)

by DigitalVagabondon July 24, 2014
We linked up with Knew Conscious Gallery owner Kurt Redeker and got the inside scoop on his upcoming 3 year anniversary party. Knew Conscious gallery has become a central node in Denver for left field artists, and we were pleased to hear they had booked Ott. and his live band The All Seeing I. Read up […]

Justin Jay – ‘Instincts’ EP – Big Enough for the Deep End #6

by Ben Rosneron July 19, 2014
Justin Jay is a producer who has risen rather quickly throughout the ranks of the tech house/deep house front. Recently, the Los Angeles based producer was signed to ghetto-tech house doyen Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records and featured on VonStroke’s new LP Urban Animal. Like many other individuals in the electronic music world, Justin Jay is […]


Tales of Triumph – Lost in Sound Exclusive Interview with The Glitch Mob

by saRaHtoninon July 18, 2014
The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality – OUT NOW! iTunes | Amazon | Glitch Mob Webstore | Store Locator “When we write music it all starts with a feeling or an emotion, and from that comes the story. This time around, the story we were telling was a bit more grandiose and universal… Drink the Sea was a very personal album. […]

All You Need to Know For Shambhala Music Festival 2014

by saRaHtoninon July 17, 2014
….Don’t forget your passport…. Where? Salmo River, British Columbia When? August 6-11th, 2014 Do I need a camping pass? Guests are welcome to set up their tents where ever they would like with no additional fees. Unless you plan to camp next to your vehicle/RV/Trailer, in this case you will need to purchase a small decal […]


Lost in Sound’s First Trip Down ‘The Wormhole’

by Guy Shechteron July 16, 2014
Cover photo art by Jacqueline Krase In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, all of us here at Lost In Sound are very excited about our new partnership with Oakland’s thriving weekly event – Wormhole Wednesday. Wormhole has been bringing fresh new life to the vibrant Oakland music community for years. Wormhole teams up […]

Fort Knox Five Interview – See Them at Northern Nights Music Festival This Weekend!

by LadyBinXon July 15, 2014
“We want people to go into it with an open mind, and let the beat and the melodies do the work of cleansing their soul with laughter, smiles, friendships, dancing, and love.” LostinSound caught up with Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five, one of the must-see artists at Northern Nights Music Festival July 18-20th. Currently […]

WTF 2014LEE_4013-2

What The Festival 2014 Review

by KatoPopon July 10, 2014
My journey to What The Festival began with an impossible Craigslist ride-share. From Oakland to Portland, an attempt to meet fellow Lost in Sound contributor Gnarpony Encapsulation for a two leg trip ending in Dufur, Oregon, failed miserably. I graciously opted out of being folded into a two-seater truck that was optimistically accommodating five people – four […]

Gratifly Music & Arts Festival 2014 Preview

by ConziousPrimeon July 9, 2014
Gratifly Website | Facebook | Twitter Buy Discount Tix | Win 2 FREE Tix If you’ve never been to the mystical lands of Avalon before, you are in for a real treat. The beautiful location in Westminster, South Carolina is the perfect spot for this intimate and creative gathering. From the moment you drive onto […]

North America Psytrance Series – Welcome to Pangea Pt.7

by Kyle Fractaltribeon July 7, 2014
Hi-Res Photos by Fractaltribe Driving through the majestic mountain ranges of North Carolina, it is easy to understand why Pure Perception Records calls their annual festival “Return to Pangea,” I felt transported back to pre human time with fractalized lush mountainscapes on either side for hundreds of miles. Darkness descends upon us during the final stretch, […]
PRSN Featured

PRSN – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by Satellite Manon July 6, 2014
Every so often I’ll embark on a trance-like, indulgent SoundCloud binge. I  transcend genres, states, countries, and usually end up in some bizarre corner of the musical universe. Just when I think I’ve wasted hours of my day, I’ll stumble upon a perfect mix or artist I’ve been seeking to fill that void. PRSN is […]


10 Acts Not To Miss At The Hudson Project

by grandoseon July 5, 2014
Preview by Rob Mancino, Patrice Noelle, & Tom Grandon When the announcement was made that Camp Bisco would not be going down this summer, the general reaction was varied to say the least. In my opinion Camp was a disappointment last year, so this news was music to my ears. I figured they would take the summer […]

niceFingers – ‘Dreamery’ Review

by gnomefireon July 4, 2014
From the opening lullaby-like chimes of “Ecliptic,” one can surmise that the latest release Dreamery from LA-based duo niceFingers is aptly titled… Although it is doubtful that you’d want to sleep through it, especially on a first listen. There is an undeniably etheric and dream-like quality throughout the EP, however, when the driving bass-lines and pulsating synths […]

NNMF 2013

Don’t Miss Out on Northern Nights Music Festival 2014

by David 'Dino' Durkinon July 4, 2014
If you like to have a good time, hang out with an amazing community of beautiful people, and listen to bumping beats on some of the loudest speakers on the West coast, then Northern Nights Music Festival in Mendocino County is where you should be from July 19-21. After attending the inaugural festival last year, I […]

Russ Liquid – ‘In Love’ Review

by Chelsea Schulzon July 2, 2014
Many of us could experience ourselves falling in love this Wednesday. Russ Liquid’s latest project titled In Love drops July 2nd through Gramatik’s label, Lowtemp. The album integrates smooth jazz, R&B, funk, dubstep, techno, ambient, pop, disco, and world music. If the compilation could be described in only one word, then the second half of Russ’ project name […]


South Park Music Festival Preview

by saRaHtoninon July 2, 2014
The Cannabis Network Radio Presents  South Park Music Festival. SPMF is a three-day camping event over the 4th of July weekend. It is due to be held this coming weekend at the beautiful 3000 acre American Safari Ranch in Fair Play Colorado, just one hour outside of Denver! With recreational marijuana use fully legal for […]

Kinnection Campout 2014 – Angels of Avalon

by ancientmicrochipon July 1, 2014
I used to believe that festivals could save the world. That the ideals and raw, youthful energy wielded by these larger than life warlocks and goddesses, with personalities far too expansive and untamable to be contained by conventional society’s standards for acceptable behavior, could in fact strike enough inspiration into the hearts of their peers […]


Luna Light Festival 2014 Preview

by ranchsauceon June 30, 2014
Lost in Sound has a limited amount of discounted tickets left RIGHT NOW for Luna Light Music and Arts Festival! Just use the code “LOSTINSOUND” at the link below to purchase your ticket for the festival at $100! This offer only applies to 3-Day GA passes. By purchasing tickets through us, you are directly supporting […]
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Dancing in the Rain – Lost in Sound Reviews Raindance 2014

by KnowFunon June 26, 2014
With everything from non-stop musical acts and performance art to a river full of bass, the only thing lacking at Raindance was, thankfully, rain; and while rain we could do without, we were made more than ecstatic by the abundance of everything else. Set in beautiful Belden, California, Raindance brought together a lovely sampling of […]


Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) Vernal Equinox Review [3.22.14]

by ranchsauceon June 18, 2014
In many ways, the community established by Alex and Allyson Grey was one of the seeds in which Lost in Sound sprouted. The underground psychedelic art and music gatherings known as “Entheocentric Salons,” once held at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, or CoSM, in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, were where some of the leaders […]

David Starfire Interview & New Release ‘Awakening’

by Lupeon June 16, 2014
On a weeknight about 6 or 7 years ago, I found myself at a place called Temple, a swanky, beautiful intimate music venue with tons of fragrant lilies everywhere. It was here where I first caught a David Starfire set. Since then, I’ve watched him grace stages from coast to coast, and he always delivers! […]

Bamboo by Guru

This Must Be The Place – Lightning in a Bottle 2014 Review

by LadyBinXon June 14, 2014
My spiritual, humorous, and exploratory take on this year’s Lightning in a Bottle can be summed up using the words of three wise men: “Home is where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there.” – The Talking Heads “We are all onesie.”- The Polish Ambassador “It’s about lifting off those preconceived notions.” […]

Nice Night in the Neighborhood – Bushwick Open Studios After-Party

by Lupeon June 8, 2014
Bushwick is a large neighborhood in Northern Brooklyn that has been gentrifying rapidly for the past decade. One weekend a year, hundreds of galleries and workspaces open their doors to the public. I’ve coined a term for this weekend- Hipster Mardi Gras; the connotation of “hipster” here is intended to be neutral. The official name of […]


Invisible Allies – ‘Conversations with Bees’ Review & Interview

by ranchsauceon June 6, 2014
I saw you through the long wind,  coming  open to give fragrant hope to my  pollen laden wings,  yearning through winters  bridgeless river long  awaiting, waiting, longing,  the ascent of velvet spiral stairs;  the ambrosia petals to your honey  bleeding heart.  Now I see you through this dense  rain, sing  your velvet speckled skin and  […]

OMG!?LOL!WTF!!?? – What The Festival 2014 Preview

by saRaHtoninon June 5, 2014
“We invite you to create an experience in a forest of wonder, to an endless soundscape of music and laughter, where senses are expanded and imagination comes to life. Welcome to ‘The Illuminated Forest,’ the portal to a world of interactive experience, that sparkles by day and is enlightened by night…” The lush forest of […]

grenier 3

Grenier Interview and ‘Grenier Meets Archie Pelago’ Review

by DigitalVagabondon June 4, 2014
Dean “Grenier” has been an artist we’ve wanted to interview since first hearing his Voids 1-3 album trilogy. With a sound that ranges from 70 bpm to 175 and a classically trained background in music, it’s no wonder the Grenier project has been spreading like wildfire. With roots in dub and dubstep, his sound is […]

Archie Pelago Interview and ‘Grenier Meets Archie Pelago’ Review

by ranchsauceon June 3, 2014
I was officially enamored of Archie Pelago within the first five minutes of experiencing the group play live. The mmmmaven crew often supports the best after hours events in the Boston area, so when they suggested the event produced by End Fence to me I figured I make the trek at three in the morning […]


Sonic Bloom 2014 Preview

by dizzurton June 2, 2014
Win 2 FREE Tickets | Buy Tickets It’s June! And that means only one incredible thing is on repeat in our minds – SONIC BLOOM 2014!!! The most amazing way to celebrate the Summer Solstice (heralding the beginning of Summer in our Northern Hemisphere – June 21, 2014 at 6:51 AM). As the sun is […]

Jam On The River 2014 Review

by Ben Rosneron June 1, 2014
Usually when a festival goes defunct, it’s very uncommon to see it resuscitated. On rare occasion, a festival might have another go at the market 2-3 years after calling it quits. But even then, it’s almost in an entirely different format or genre then it had originally been (See Rothbury and Electric Forest). But a […]


Halo Refuser Interview and Exclusive Track

by David 'Dino' Durkinon May 31, 2014
Halo Refuser’s new album Into Your Layers is so good, that at about ten seconds into the first song, I had to stop playing it on my laptop just so I could plug it into my speakers as to fully immerse myself into the soothing, funky, and melodical beats. Listening to it pulls me into […]

Dave Harrington (of DARKSIDE) Interview

by JackiMoonon May 29, 2014
Dave Harrington is a world-class multi-instrumentalist and DJ, most commonly known by his role as DARKSIDE’s guitarist.  While he is taking the music scene by storm with Nicolas Jaar in DARKSIDE, Dave is well immersed with a rich music history of his own, and working on a solo project EP Before This There Was One Heart […]