Gratifly Music & Arts Festival 2014: FEELIN’ ALL GRATIFLY – PART I

by Matthew Cremeron November 26, 2014
Living in Cremerica: Summer ‘14 Diary of Adventure <<<>>>  FEELIN’ ALL GRATIFLY: PART I – PENETRATING STUFFS Photography courtesy of Cremerica Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Matthew A. Cremer, and I am one of those semi hard-hitting investigative news journalist private detective type dicks. The kind that’s willing to get his hands […]

PEGA5U5 – Debut Album ‘The Flock’

by Caelilaon November 20, 2014
PEGA5U5 is a “two-headed glitch-hop monster” born out of the twisty-turny path that brought psy-bass West Coast legend Mr. Rogers and hip-hop empresario Pharroh (formerly Agustus thElefant) together to form this new act. Their debut album, The Flock, was just released on Ooze System, and they’ve been spreading their special blend of beats, bass, and rhymes across the country on tour with […]


Naasko – Interview & Exclusive Mix (DEEP DUB DOWNLOAD SERIES MIX #010)

by DigitalVagabondon November 18, 2014
We recently discovered the sounds of Naasko, BC native, former label head for Interchill Records, and 16 year DJ veteran. His mixes range in genre from dub, to DnB, to progressive. Each mix provides a descriptive sonic narrative while highlighting the sounds of producers worldwide. His time with Interchill, as well as production management for world […]

Wellness on the Road

by Katherine Cedarson November 18, 2014
When artists must cancel performances due to health issues, or community members return from gatherings toting “festival funk,” it becomes increasingly clear that it’s time to re-examine the way we are treating ourselves. Touring artists, traveling journalists, and festival participants alike can benefit in a big way by learning some simple self-care. Lost in Sound […]


Kill Frenzy – Interview & New Album ‘TAYLR SWFT’ [Dirtybird Records]

by IntuiSeanon November 17, 2014
Touring the world dropping the freshest tracks is no new thing for Belgium’s Kill Frenzy (a.k.a. Sébastien) at this point. With an eye and ear for production and live mixing as refined yet simultaneously untamable as his hairstyle, his music functions as a catalyst in the synthesis between European and American sounds, driving the forward […]

Skytree – Exclusive Mix & Interview

by ranchsauceon November 13, 2014
Skytree – Live in Boston – September 25th, 2014 Exclusive Mix presented by and Lost Boy Calling [LiS] You have recently made some new decisions regarding your Skytree project – can you describe what’s changed? [Skytree] I’ve decided to take things back to my deeper roots a bit more and let go of some […]


G Jones – ‘Ring the Alarm’ Review

by Bex Lunaon November 12, 2014
Anyone who has seen him perform a live set or had the luxury to listen to his tracks being blasted on a proper set of Funktions will tell you with total authenticity that no one brings the bass quite like G Jones. On his most recent EP Ring the Alarm, released with Saturate Records, the Bay Area […]
Demon1 (1)

Demon – Interview & Exclusive Mix (DEEP DUB DOWNLOAD SERIES MIX #009)

by Satellite Manon November 11, 2014
Dubstep is a genre that seems to have two very distinct personalities and fan bases. Most people that listen to the mainstream version probably do not know that the other side of it even exists. Co-founder and CEO of the UK based record label Macabre Unit Digital (M.U.D/V), Demon, a.k.a. Raff Di Renzo, has been around […]


Art Outside 2014 – A Jam-Packed Weekend of Music, Art, & More!

by Cameron Fieldon November 10, 2014
Art Outside 2014 has come and gone, and to say it was amazing wouldn’t even begin to do it justice. As I write this, I truly can’t believe it’s only been seven days since I was cruising around the beautiful campgrounds at Apache Pass. What feels like an eternity was simply a week ago, and […]

Subaqueous – ‘Tides of Twilight’ Review & Interview

by Frank Heisson November 9, 2014
Tides of Twilight Review I was fortunate enough to be chosen to have an advance listening of the forthcoming album from Subaqueous, Tides of Twilight. The first thought I had as the bass in “Insistent Shades” entered was that this might be a lost Pink Floyd track from the Meddle sessions. Then the dub infused beats […]


Catch Wind of This – Spoken Bird ‘How Old is the Wind’ EP Review

by KnowFunon November 7, 2014
Glitch hop is the music that drew me to the Bay Area. True story. When I first really got into the scene, I always thought that artists like The Glitch Mob, Gladkill, and NastyNasty were producing at the frontiers not just of electronic music, but of music in general. Perhaps that statement is a little […]

B.R.E.E.D – ‘The Inside’ Preview & Exclusive Download

by ranchsauceon November 6, 2014
It’s an exciting time for Los Angeles’ bass sensation B.R.E.E.D. Their notoriety and reach in the States broadened since their debut album Binate was released on Muti Music and caught fire on both the Beatport Glitch Hop and Addictech charts. What was once a DJ set performed by Ritesh D’Souza, the bass music pioneer of India […]


Chet Faker at The Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR [9.23.14]

by IntuiSeanon November 5, 2014
Review by Avalon Ainsley Photos by Gnarpony Encapsulation Chet Faker‘s live show at The Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR) was food for the soul. It was one of those shows you leave feeling satisfied but hungry for more. In a cloud of soft pinks and lavender lights, Faker was in his own dreamy world on stage. His […]

Adventures in Live Looping – Four Years of Raw Guitar Experiments

by Michael Garfieldon November 2, 2014
March, 2011: I came back from two-weeks of initiation in Peru with a new vision for acoustic-electronic music: “cyber-acoustic guitar” became the name for my improvisational adventures into channeling the spirit of a place with shows that blur the boundaries between artist, instrument, and venue. I found myself no longer “playing the guitar,” but joined […]


Suwannee Hulaween 2014 Preview

by Ashmama Ares Starshineon October 30, 2014
Silver Wrapper and Purple Hat Productions have come together to present the second annual Suwannee Hulaween, hosted by The String Cheese Incident. It’s all happening this weekend, Oct. 31st – Nov. 2nd, 2014, at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. New this year, Hulaween is throwin’ a Thursday pre-party, featuring […]

Phaeleh, Auditory Canvas, sAuce & HANNAH at Project Club LA [10.4.14]

by Merris Beadleon October 29, 2014
The event at Project Club marked the last show of the season where The Do LaB invited a guest DJ to submit their mix online for a chance to open at an upcoming show. This last round, held on the night of October 4th, the winner was HANNAH. Phaeleh, sAuce, and Auditory Canvas also played […]


Catskill Chill Music Festival 2014 Review

by Aquamarinaon October 28, 2014
Once a year, while the brazen summer comes to a close, many festival folk gather in the heart of the Catskill Mountains to celebrate music and life. Camp Minglewood provides the perfect grounds for establishing new friendships in the cozy cabins and basking in the serenity of the endless, alpine horizon. Catskill Chill has become a much […]

The Human Experience Interview & ‘Embraced’ Album Review

by Lavinia Lidstoneon October 28, 2014
Over the weekend of September 19th-21st, David Block sat down with Lost in Sound at Foreverland Festival to talk about Embraced, the new album from The Human Experience. Embraced is his first release with The Polish Ambassador‘s Jumpsuit Records, and features collaborations from different artists for each track. The diverse vocals, instrumental sounds, and production make for […]


Cirque Du Freq – Quixotic Interview and Halloween Show Preview

by Guy Shechteron October 27, 2014
Evolution. Novelty formed by paradigm shifts, which induce the revelation that there are possibilities outside the way things are currently done. All artists strive to be original, for their art is in some way, shape, or form, a representation of who they are. Artists, just like everyone else on this planet, are unique individuals seeking […]
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A Light In The Attic – Every Thursday at 1015 Folsom in SF!

by Guy Shechteron October 23, 2014
Photos: 1015 Folsom, Light In The Attic, Roe Navarro, and Guy Shechter Words: Squiggles and Guy Shechter Lost in Sound is beyond stoked for our new partnership with A Light In The Attic. As we all know, bringing in fresh talent every week is no simple feat. This weekly event run by Euphonic Coneptions, a crew […]