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A Light In The Attic – Every Thursday at 1015 Folsom in SF!

by Guy Shechteron October 23, 2014
Photos: 1015 Folsom, Light In The Attic, Roe Navarro, and Guy Shechter Words: Squiggles and Guy Shechter Lost in Sound is beyond stoked for our new partnership with A Light In The Attic. As we all know, bringing in fresh talent every week is no simple feat. This weekly event run by Euphonic Coneptions, a crew […]

Flying Lotus – ‘You’re Dead!’ Album Review

by Desdemona Dallason October 22, 2014
I feel as though I’ve stepped into a musical riddle, and perhaps I’m the only one without the answer. In 2012, Flying Lotus released his album Until the Quiet Comes, a melodic dreamscape inspired by Flying Lotus’s own experiences with astral projection. This album was a beautiful symphonic expression of electronic sounds that drifted you […]

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And Now For Something COMPLETELY Different! Trampled By Turtles & Elephant Revival – Interviews & Oakland Show Preview

by Guy Shechteron October 21, 2014
Generally speaking, a majority of the music we cover here at Lost in Sound is electronic in nature. I think this largely stems from the fact that electronic music is currently by and large the most progressive music genre, and if we look back at the past decade or so, it’s been one crazy roller […]

Dirtybird BBQ Tour – Review & Photos

by LadyBinXon October 19, 2014
Dirtybird Records’ BBQ Tour has been satisfying ears and stomachs alike in five different cities. Fans in Brooklyn, Detroit, Toronto, and San Francisco had the pleasure of experiencing Dirtybird’s legendary BBQ parties, which are usually only held in San Francisco and more recently in Miami. On November 2nd, the crew will head to Los Angeles […]


Waveforms 2.0 with Prefuse 73, Aligning Minds & More at The Asheville Music Hall – Review & Photos

by Mike Weiglon October 18, 2014
More Info on the Waveforms 2.0 Series (Every Saturday!) It was a perfect night in Asheville. A cool fall night, but not so cold you’d need a jacket – in fact I rode my bike rather than drive the two and a half miles to the Asheville Music Hall. It was a Saturday night and […]

Odesza – ‘In Return’ Review

by Squiggleson October 17, 2014
Photography by Gary Magill Burgeoning electronic chillwave duo, Odesza’s In Return has been met with unmitigated awe from its loyal fan base and enchanted an endlessly growing mass of new converts of their mesmerizing, groovy, dreamy sound. The 13-track album is relentlessly consistent in its beautiful, ethereal quality, yet manages to refrain from being overly repetitive. The […]

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Technicolor Lenses – Exclusive Mix & Tour Fundraiser Details

by DigitalVagabondon October 16, 2014
In light of their new album Psychedelegates being released earlier on September 2nd of this year (2014), Technicolor Lenses have launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for their upcoming tour. The end goal is $5,000. Thus far the campaign has been quite successful, thanks to the generous donations of their fans, friends, […]
Decibel Festival 2014

Decibel Festival 2014 Review – Exploring the dB’s of Seattle

by David 'Dino' Durkinon October 15, 2014
Decibel Festival Seattle, WA September 24-28, 2014 Wow! Decibel had amazing venues, top-notch music, and a Seattle city vibe that can’t be matched. It created an experience that is unique to any festival. All of the different showcases make sure to please the lover of any musical genre. House and techno heads had a place […]

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Art Outside 2014 – So Much More Than Just Music!

by Cameron Fieldon October 15, 2014
The 10th annual Art Outside is right around the corner, hosted at Apache Pass in Downtown, Texas from October 24th-27th. This unique three day event will have music, workshops, and you guessed it – tons of awesome art! Boasting 30+ workshops and non-music activities, Art Outside is taking the festival experience to the next level […]

Hangtown Halloween Ball 2014 Preview

by Squiggleson October 14, 2014
The Bay Area jam scene’s got a little known secret, and it’s called the Hangtown Halloween Ball. In a land acclaimed for its premier role in the electronic music world, where synth is king and the once-a-year scramble for Phish tickets leaves you empty handed, it can be a little bit tricky to get your […]


Nicolas Jaar, Bassnectar, Mr. Bill & more on “Beat ALS” Compilation Album

by LadyBinXon October 14, 2014
Regardless of whether or not you dumped a bucket of freezing water on your head this summer, it’s inevitable you’ve seen and heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Insert hash tag). Willard Foxton of The Daily Telegraph described it as “a middle-class wet T-shirt contest for armchair clicktivists.” A little harsh, but you get the […]
Owl From Deep Space

Owl – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by DigitalVagabondon October 13, 2014
Meet Pierre Mÿosis. One half of the project Glÿph featuring fellow producer Clearlight. Pierre recently caught our attention with his new project Owl where he features luscious deep-space sound design at 140 and 170 bpm. Hailing from Belgium with 6+ years of production knowledge under his belt, Owl has taken flight into the dark night skies of the […]


Santa Cruz Music Festival Pre-Party 2014 Preview

by David 'Dino' Durkinon October 9, 2014
Santa Cruz Music Festival Pre-Party The Catalyst Club – Santa Cruz, CA October 10th-11th, 2014 The Santa Cruz Musical Festival Pre-Party is being produced following the success of the inaugural Santa Cruz Music Festival put on earlier this year.  The popularity of the festival displayed how ideal of a place Santa Cruz is as a […]

Getting Funky at Bear Creek Music & Art Festival – 2014 Preview

by Desdemona Dallason October 8, 2014
I remember clearly the first show I ever attended. Sound suspended on a balcony, hanging over the cliff sides of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, CA. It was just a small town reggae show, with only 30 in attendance to catch the once unknown musicians of Rebelution. I was 16 years young, and my crew was comprised of […]


Shambhala 2014 – Review, Photos & Highlight Video

by Chuck Manleyon October 2, 2014
Shambhala 2014 started in 2013 on a hippie bus that I road on in 2012, with a guy I met in Mexico in 2010, in a universe that started from an explosion that happened 13.8 billion years ago. This was my second trip to Shambhala since that explosion (read about my first time). I got […]

‘PROCESS’ – Christopher Norman Interview & Album Preview

by Guy Shechteron October 2, 2014
Christopher Norman is the musical equivalent of a mad scientist. His music is the fruit of a never-ending process of experimentation, to the point where it almost seems like the experimentation comes first, and the song writing secondary. Sonically, most of his tones come from playing around on his Minimoog, and the gaps are filled […]


Summersalt 2014 – Review, Photos & Keys N Krates Interview

by brittnizon September 30, 2014
If you were looking for a more low key event than your usual weekend festival the Saturday before last in the Bay, you might have found yourself at Summersalt, a small one day festival held at the Pier 70 ship yard in San Francisco. The festival is put on by Eye Heart SF and started […]
Transcendence Festival

Transcendence Festival 2014 Preview

by David 'Dino' Durkinon September 29, 2014
Transcendence Festival Camp Pollock, Sacramento, CA October 3rd-6th, 2014 Transcendence Festival is a community gathering that brings people together to connect, integrate and celebrate ourselves and each other. The producers’ intentions are to create environments that help us go beyond perceived limitations, old patterns, habits, systems, and thoughts that no longer serve us by reminding us of […]


STS9 Triumphs at Red Rocks [9.6.14] – Review & Photos

by Matthew Cremeron September 26, 2014
Sound Tribe Sector 9 returned to Red Rocks Amphitheater in resounding fashion for their traditional two-night run at the fabled venue. Even with a forecast of persistent showers throughout the evening, the rain never came, opening up the Colorado sky for an explosive night. Opting to forgo any opening acts, this year marked the first […]

Magnetic Mountain – Launch & A/V Technology Summit

by Satellite Manon September 26, 2014


The Beauty of Burning Man From a Drone’s Eye View

by LadyBinXon September 25, 2014
“Do not fear the machine, it takes such beautiful pictures.” CopterOptics, a company based out of Berkeley and LA, captures photos and videos all of the world using their fleet of custom drone systems. While Zubeyir Mentese flies and builds these drones for a living, this year he wanted to bring his work “home;” to […]
Collective Kundalini

Wanderlust Festival 2014 (Stratton, Vermont) – Review, Photos & Videos

by denise porter kempon September 24, 2014
As we pass the Autumnal Equinox and this year’s summer festival season shifts into fall, I contemplate the time of the solstice, when Electrogenic’s founder and CEO David Guzman and I set off on a quest up the mountain to check out the premiere yoga and music festival Wanderlust at Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont, […]


Slowly Moving Lips – ‘Guerrilla Trax’ EP & Free D/L

by KatoPopon September 17, 2014
In his hour long mix entitled “The Return of Huckleberry Finn,” Dylan Blumberg, a.k.a. Slowly Moving Lips, creates a surprisingly functional medley of beats comprised of audio recorded from a one hour walk in his Oakland, CA neighborhood. Common street sounds are manipulated and transformed into a compelling work that leaves you searching for the source […]

Dirtwire – ‘The Carrier’ Review

by Desdemona Dallason September 15, 2014
Thoroughly twisted up in the musical brew storming through my ears, the syrupy symphony materializes from a cultural cornucopia, like a serpentine seductress of the east rising out of the crocodile swamp lands of the dirty south. These diverse sounds are emerging from The Carrier, Dirtwire‘s newest EP. Wobbling the lines of global differences and cross […]


DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist at The House of Blues, Boston [9.3.14] – Review & Photos

by VersaceLettuceon September 13, 2014
Modern DJs have become popular because they cater to the hedonistic urges of the dance music community. Today’s favored electronic musicians spin the most overdone, showy tracks they can produce without crossing over a threshold to a region of indistinguishable loud timbres (and some of the less creative or tactful producers of certain genres even […]

Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival 2014 Review

by VersaceLettuceon September 12, 2014
A musician rarely recoils in response to his audience’s excitement. When Blockhead asked his Wild Woods audience “How you guys feeling?” and received an alarmingly wild, loud reply from a disproportionately meager crowd, he held up his hands in a jesting response to the crowd’s fervor. This caliber of enthusiasm pervaded throughout the inaugural year […]