Skinny Hendrix & Astrokat – Phantasma EP

Skinny Hendrix has been making and performing music for many years, a passion that can lead to any number of clandestine meetings. One such meeting with producer Astrokat after an initial introduction at Dubday NYC spawned the collaborative Phantasma EP, out now through underground label The Great Magnet, based in Minneapolis. While both artists’ voices come through very clearly in each track of the EP, the producers’ work has a seamlessness that’s not easily attainable when working with two brains.

Stream Skinny Hendrix & Astrokat’s LostinSound Exclusive Single “Slim Kizzles” below:

“We set up a few guidelines during our production and wanted to stick within those rules in order to create some cohesion within our tracks. Halftime drums, hip-hop feel, with psychedelic melodies and crunchy bass lines,” explained Brady Jacob, better known as Skinny Hendrix. 

The artists this past winter.

The four tracks on the Phantasma EP can stand alone in their intensity, each displaying intricate sound design and all expertly mastered by Seppa (of Slug Wife). It’s easy to imagine them sliding into heavier sets in any environment from small underground clubs to massive, high production stages. Slim Kizzles, the EP’s premiere single, captures sounds of classic dub beats and slow, slurky effects. Phantasma, the record’s namesake, has a musicbox-esque, creeping tempo throughout, with purple sounding riffs and reverb, bridging heavy, slightly discordant-in-a-good-way drops. New Ice gets very deep with a pulsing bass-line that would feel at home at a proper dubstep show.  The final track on the EP, Cat’s Cradle, is a rollicking carnival of sound, and probably the most progressive song in the collection. Massive bass lines are juxtaposed with piano riffs that fall somewhere between circus music and noodling, creating a surreal, otherworldly mood.

Featuring artwork by Astrokat himself, the EP is currently available via The Great Magnet’s Bandcamp page following a premiere party in Minneapolis at the legendary 7th Street Entry.


Skinny Hendrix
Phantasma EP

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