Submithub Spotlight – King Monday

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music?

Currently living in London, I’ve just finished university and have been faced with the task of finding employment! Luckily, I’ve just settled into a role at a music tech company after 7 months of continuous applications. My journey in music began around the ages of 6/7 where I took a (somewhat overly) keen interest in playing the recorder. This led to private lessons from my music teacher, who I to this day thank for seeing something in me. She was the spark that started my musical endeavors.

What are your influences? Do you have any non-musical influences on your music?

I am cursed with actively listening for things to sample. For my dissertation, I did a project based on soundscapes. This effectively meant standing and recording the ambient sound for hours at a time. There is music everywhere and I find it exciting translating real-world sounds to samples. Other than that, my influences come from artists like Four Tet, James Blake, Jon HopkinsFlying Lotus, and many other experimental composers.

How would you describe your style of music?

Experimental, electronic/indie.

What aspects of Lost In Sound made you feel like we were a good place to represent your
particular sound?

LIS represents left-field producers and artists who try and innovate the music of today. It would be great to have support from this community.

How long did it take you to make this track?

The idea was made sometime in 2017 but I only revisited it last year with a vocal idea. It then took 7 months of revising to be completely happy with how it sounded. The other tracks on the EP were made to follow this theme and for that reason took a much shorter amount of time.

What tools, instruments, software, hardware, did you use to compose this track?

FL Studio 11, which has been my baby since I started producing, Sylenth1 which has become my analog synthesizer in place of an actual analog synthesizer. I use this to make all my synth sounds from scratch. Apart from that, it’s a crappy condenser for the vocals and my beautiful guitar Keith (1950s telecaster).

What activity do you imagine people doing while listening to your music?

When I create, I always aim to make the listener reflect, to immerse themselves in the music. To be honest with you what comes to mind first is commuting, just sitting on a train with your headphones in.

Where can people find you performing live?

London! I’m aiming to get bookings for later in the year, but who knows, I could also be playing elsewhere…

What is next for you after this track/album?

Most definitely refining my live show, I’m going to take a break from releasing to fully commit to this. Another project I’m doing is a music video for an unreleased track which should be premiered sometime in July! It’s a lighthearted number, something to show that Monday’s can also be a good day.

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