Distinguished Talent Agency – Interview with Sylvie Barnett

Sylvie Barnett, formerly of Street Ritual, recently launched the Distinguished Talent Agency, a boutique agency focused on independent electronic music. Sylvie had a vision a few years back while working with The Do Lab. Sylvie puts her heart and her soul into building these artists’ careers. She just hit off her agency with artists such as Thriftworks, Huglife and VibeSquaD. With her most starred work being with the artist Thriftworks, as featured on by Thump at vice.com, the Generate App and more. Also has she extensive experience working as a marketing director for 99 Art Collective out of Venice Beach, California. Sylvie has helped arranged tours across the nation on behalf of her artists and truly goes above and beyond for her artists and handles all her relationships with care when in negotiations, whether in the realm of licensing agreements or booking shows.
How long have you been working with artists?
I’ve worked in live entertainment for seven years and started representing artists for more than five years ago.
11334002_10103238204294465_7022434306330281195_oHow did you get into the avenue of management / booking?
I was working for The Do LaB in 2010 helping lead the street team for Lightning in a Bottle and electronic producer/violinist Govinda was aiming to make a comeback as a live touring musician. He asked me to manage him. It evolved naturally from there. I moved on from artist management to focus on booking in 2012.
What made you start Distinguished Talent?
I had a vision for indie electronic music and rock and wanted to create sister agency to Street Ritual in line with my favorite music that was more geared towards mainstream audiences.
What has helped you along the way in your career, and how? Whether personal or professional? Self-development and reflection, growth, surrounding myself with good people and doing my homework.
What can you promise new artists that are interested in working with you?
How do you set yourself apart as an independent booking agent? My agency is separate from the management work I do, I only officially book artists but I go the extra mile. I work with the promoter to make sure the show goes well. I work with the artist or the artist and their management to make sure each show is building on their vision. I constantly network and try and meet new people and consistently do my research.
What do you look for in working with new artists? 
I love assisting developing artists with their careers. I’m very passionate about working with artists who are excited to have me on their team. Having a strong SoundCloud presence can also assist in the process.
What genres are you focused on? 
Im interested in pop and rock but I’m more focused on electronic music artists like artists. I love Flume, ODESZA and Flying Lotus.
Where do you see the trend going?
I feel like future bass and experimental hip hop sounds are heading more into the mainstream so I am stoked for these new trends. I love and identify with those types of sounds.
What are you personal long term goals? For your career and DTA?
I’m looking to sign more artists, and book out my clients at more shows. I’m excited to go out more now that graduate school is over. I love seeing my clients succeed like Thriftworks and Pumpkin, I really look forward to doing that for many more artists. I love helping artists shine and achieve their dreams. It’s pretty much my ultimate high.

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