Gypsy Mamba Releases ‘ikeelyouowl’

Although I am relatively new to Los Angeles, one of my favorite aspects of the scene is the beat community. When it comes to productions, innovation is this community’s aim, and it’s doing well at not getting caught up in profiles, instead judging by artistic creation, mastering, and performance techniques. A highlight of the scene is a unique being that goes by the name of Gypsy Mamba. Gypsy crafts his beats into intricate melodies, often with a hip-hop feel, incorporating eclectic blends such as faster drum ‘n bass tempos and kicks, along with playful synths, while still remaining true to that gangster feel.

Gypsy Mamba has been on the LA beat scene making tracks for about the past 2 years now. Deeming it a life changing experience, he remains humble and appreciative of the opportunities he has been graced with thus far in his musical career.

“It’s been surreal, I’m suuuuper blessed… I have a few mixtapes out right now on bandcamp, but I just put one out recently as of august 16th entitled ‘ikeelyouowl’ so Im tryna push that as of now an working on getting more gigs. Everything I have now I strived to get… I use reason 4 // circuit bent toys // micro korg. All my equipment is hand me downs and come ups, this is that real poor boy producers life! I’m a Romanian gypsy, that’s right I am a real gypsy. All my family is too. I’m the first generation to be born in America..  Im 27 and I have a 6 year old boy who I love and do ALL this for…I’ll be doing this for life and with my progression, it’s really about to be going down, so get ready!”




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