Counterfeit Rainbow ::: Mixtape and Q&A

We linked up with Denver’s Counterfeit Rainbow for a quick Q&A about their project and whats new in their world musically. They were kind enough to record us an exclusive mixtape with a few originals and tunes that have been in their rotation. Catch them live this Tuesday, July 30th for the showcase at The Black Box in Denver, CO.


Vicix – The Ideology of Mephistopheles
Counterfeit Rainbow – 12 Hours of Darkness
Pushloop – Martians
TMSV – Temple
Quasar & Tinky – Rikk
DCast – Ride (Ft. Rafa the Nomad) (Roadsbeef Remix)
Parrotice x Katch – Concrete
Hebbe – Numina
Koshi – Slippin
Khonsu – Fall Back
Scarab – Kemet
Taiko – Trenches
Distance- Equate
Chief Kaya & Drew’s Theory – Jetlag
SBK – The Opening
Koshi – Koshi
Norby – Bubbly Creek
Muttley – No Time (TMSV Remix)
Requake – Meditation of Man
Repulsion – Floating Cloud of Energy
The Maker – Wake Up
Sebalo – Attain
Parrotice – Plague
Aztek – Dubstep Duppier (Ft. Vandull)
Counterfeit Rainbow – Descent into Madness

Q What the heck is a Counterfeit Rainbow?

A Counterfeit Rainbow is something that cannot exist yet somehow is. It’s meant to represent the creation of something impossible or imaginary. 

Q How did y’all get your start as music producers, and when did you decide to make the project a duo?

We began in about 2012. Cole had dipped his toes into FL Studio and owned a small DJ setup (Traktor s4) but he didn’t know how to use it. I (Andrew) picked it up and taught myself how to use it, then taught Cole how as well. While Cole taught the basics of FL studio to me, he attacked to DJ-ing for a few years before really diving into production. 2014 was roughly the time-frame for creation of Counterfeit Rainbow, although one could argue it was created in 2012 when we began experimenting with sounds. We committed fully to Counterfeit Rainbow in October of 2018, shutting down our solo projects to focus solely on the Rainbow.

Q List a few of your non-electronic musical inspirations. 

Video Games have been a huge inspiration to our music, specifically games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, World of Warcraft, Borderlands and Halo. We also find inspiration from old time artists like Bach or Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata is the original blunt-smokin’ chune.

Q What’s your current favorite free VST or Plugin? (drop a link)

We love anything put out by Native Instruments, as they helped guide us in the right direction from the very beginning with the Traktor s4 that Andrew learned on. We sought their guidance moving further into the studio. We own the full version of Komplete 12 which has an incredible selection of VST synths, samples and effects. They were amazing enough to compile a FREE version of Komplete which I would recommend be added to the collection of any new or even experienced producers. A personal favorite of Andrew’s that comes with the free version is Analog Dreams, which was used to create some amazing retro style sounds in our song: Sunrise on Cloud Nine (VIP).

Link :

Q Is there a message behind your project that you try to convey through the music?

We constantly strive to push music to areas it has not been before. Our sounds are meant to teleport you to alternate worlds, guiding you through a mystical journey only comprehensible by the individual. The goal is to create new genres and make sweet music with nonexistent sounds and instruments. Push the bounds of what you know with the unknown and unreal.




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