Stilldream Festival 2013 Preview


I’m sitting with my laptop in bed like a fucking nerd writing this article while many friends of mine are hopefully getting magical over at Symbiosis. I had the choice to go there again, but have opted instead for another year at Stilldream. The shores of Belden Town beckon me. When my friend Danny and I pull over the bridge into the gate, I know I’ll see the festival founder Paul (a.k.a. G.A.M.M.A.) right in the mix of it all. I appreciate when the people who put on the events I attend are accessible, and not elusive or mysterious. We’ll arrive Friday, and my first stop is the Beach Stage, where I will set up a decadent oasis for people to chill out at, meet old friends and new. Last year my homeslice Harry and I had “Shredder Island,” where you could blindfoldedly grab mystery beers from a treasure chest cooler, and have adult psychic readings and bourbon. I also did some trades for people who wrote little articles, which I compiled into a newsletter. I’ll bring some this year. Harry’s down in El Salvador, but I’ve been carrying the torch for the both of us in creating a communal area to give out gifts.


The headlining artists include some of my favorite heavyhitters… Random Rab, Pumpkin, Bluetech, David Starfire, Kaminanda, Govinda… As I peruse the lineup closer, I’ve just realized that Rocker T will be performing. Could this be the same Rocker T I saw in the Hamptons when I was like 16, with my horrible fake ID? I used to catch alot of reggae shows out there, at a few spots including a tiny hole in the wall that had Wednesday night “Drinkin’ with Lincoln” penny beers and free live reggae. (Their excessive sound system did permanent damage on my ear drums, I’m sure.) I digress though- along with the Brooklyn-born “Hurban Warrior of Peace” Rocker T, Stilldream has some other international icons of different music scenes…

In 2000, Rolling Stone considered DJ Icey one of the original artists “responsible for kick-starting the American progressive house and trance scene.” He made a name for himself by “marrying the diverse strands of Chicago hip house and English break-beat house” DJ P… Wow. You HAVE to see this youtube video of him performing at the 1999 DMC USA Championships (above). This guy is an entertainer, in every essence of the word. There’s always a handful of artists I want to see at a festival, but I often miss a few of them. However, DJ P – I cannot miss you! I don’t care if I can’t move, or keep my eyes open. I don’t care if I have to set the alarm on my phone to wake me from a disco nap and crawl to the stage. I must see this guy! I must!

The lineup has some artists I’ve never seen that intrigue me… Plantrae – “bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation, Plantrae embodies the spirited essence of classical, swing, and folk.” Read LostinSound’s interview with Plantrae HERE!

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I mean really – most of the lineup intrigues me. Last year had a well-balanced lineup, of the big boys I’d love and know, and ones I caught for the first time. Ananta Fiddle Hooper, The Craiglist Hookup, Shap-er, Harris Pillton, Bogtrotter, Intellitard…  The ones I hadn’t seen before last Stilldream, like Nick Nyquil, Carly D, and Datgirl really impressed me, and they’ll all be back this year to hold it down. And by the way, I am buying a knee brace specifically so I can dance during El Papa Chango‘s set… at Raindance this year I could barely walk at points and it killed me having to sit down during his show.

Datgirl gets DOWN!

There’s a whole set of workshops scheduled for those who seek more than just the party… movement, yoga, healing, jewelry making, minerals, and gems… Take a new slice of knowledge back home with you. You can come check us out; I’ll be chillin’ during the day riverside, serving up cocktails of a delectable caliber, and some fine cheeses and crudités. Maybe some olives. I’ll fan some people and feed them grapes. A beach-blanket Bacchanalia Cove to bask in as the marvelous melodies of Stilldream bring the 2013 summer to a close. And it won’t break the bank, either, since tickets are cheap! Get your tickets HERE!


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