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Today marks the release of Living InFormation (via Transcendent Tunes), the first EP from Detroit based producer Mynah, our newest featured Emerging Artist! Producing for the better part of two years, Erik Zeldes aka Mynah was recently chosen as the winner of a Luke Mandala remix contest, appearing on a compilation alongside Desert Dwellers, Bluetech, Kaminanda, Govinda, and JPOD. His sound is out of this world, ethereal and upli

mynahlivefting simultaneously, with a bit of retro-funk rhythm sprinkled throughout.

Zeldes’ mission for his work as Mynah is to write music that moves people and acts as a gateway to expanded states. Influenced by the likes of Androcell, Bluetech, Ott, Tipper, and Shpongle, among others, Mynah hopes to capture the limitless potential of digital production tools, seeking to to push the envelope into deeper realms of artistic expression. Seeing music as a vehicle of self-exploration, both for the creator and listener, Mynah aims to craft stories that invoke inner reflection.

Living in Formation flows in like a tidal wave, chilled out and intense; layers of downtempo electronica interwoven with psychedelic bass and dub inspired rhythm. Mynah has a very good grasp of electronic production techniques, incorporating throwback synth sounds with wide, ambient effects and pretty melodies, creating a truly novel mood through all four tracks.

Lost in Sound was lucky enough to snag an interview with Mynah, to discuss his musical influences and the message behind Living In Formation.

[Lost in Sound] How has your sound developed into what we’re hearing today? Give us a little history on Mynah.

[Mynah] Well, I started producing music about two and a half years ago. As soon as I learned the basics, it pretty much started consuming all of my free time. I never really made a decision as to what kind of music I was going to write; it seems like every song I would write was completely different from the last. It took quite a while for me to create something that I was truly fond of, and there is probably close to a hundred unfinished tracks hanging out on my hard drive.

[LiS] What are your biggest musical influences? Has that changed over the years?

[M] I suppose that stylistically my tastes have always evolved over time, although I feel deeply rooted in electronic music. I found electronic psychedelia via Shpongle about 7 years ago, which really paved the way for a huge portion of my current tastes and interests. There is so much amazing music coming out today. It seems like every week I come across something new that completely blows me away. I would say my biggest influences would be Bluetech, Kilowatts, Shpongle, Androcell, Kaminanda, Tipper… I’m sure I forgot a few, but I have lots of favorites, so it’s an awfully tough list to make.


[LiS] What’s your greatest motivation to make music?

[M] Sometimes I think that I don’t really even have a choice. Producing music is one hell of an addiction. There are highs and lows, breakthrough moments and times of frustration. But the music I listen to on a daily basis never lacks to inspire. Going to shows and festivals is also a great way to spark your imagination. And of course, finally receiving feedback on the tunes that I’ve labored over has been very motivational as well.

[LiS] How would you describe this album? Is there an overall message you hope the audience will receive from your music?

[M] Well this album obviously represents a culmination of everything that I have learned and experimented with over the last couple years. The tracks vary quite a bit stylistically speaking, each in it’s own little universe. Hopefully each track serves as it’s own sonic story, and as a whole form the Mynah sound. I leave it to the audience to decide how this music makes them feel 🙂

[LiS] What goals do you have for your music and this project going forward?

[M] I will continue to improve and refine my sound. This EP is just the beginning; I am already pushing my vision into deeper and more expansive territories of sound design. I can’t wait to hear what I’m doing two, three years from now! And of course I hope to see my music spread itself to larger audiences.


Check out ‘Living in Formation’ out 2/1/2016 via Transcendent Tunes!

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