Track of the Week: Mr. Rogers – Mr. Lemurian

Mr. Rogers: “DON’T LET THE NAME THROW YOU- HE IS FAR NASTIER THAN YOUR CHILDHOOD COMPANION!” These words resonated true as I wandered late night into our very own Lupe’s Brooklyn warehouse party. I had spent the night letting Eprom and Hellfire Machina rattle my bones at Public Assembly, and wasn’t ready to let my night end quite yet. The promise of more music kept me moving, but I had no idea what I was walking into. How pleasantly surprised and excited I was walking into Lupe’s “Crazytown” event. With a name like Mr. Rogers, I had no idea what to expect. There was no sneaker changing or sweater hanging. Instead, there was ground-breaking beats that begged your body to move. From the funkiest remix of Sublime’s “Santeria”, to this week’s track, “Mr. Lemurian”, Mr. Rogers not only excites, but he tantalizes. “Mr. Lemurian” makes me wanna get dirty and tour the milky way at the same time. I feel funky while sexy, in control while fuzzy, psychedelic while underground. Mr. Rogers not only brings it all to the table but he waits while you finish eating and cleans up after you.

For more on this artist see Lupe’s: Mr. Rogers: Maestro Of The Aliens, Maestro Of The Robots

Don’t miss him this Tuesday April 5 at Music Ecology: Mr. Rogers with Ratchet, Wink and The Breakthrough Archive in Allston, MA.

Mr. Rogers – Mr Lemurian

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