Artist Spotlight: EPROM (Pipe Dream EP Teaser)

If you haven’t heard the name EPROM before you should probably jump kick your music library out the window. This New EP teaser alone gives me reason enough to sleep through the rest of March so that April and the EP’s actual release comes sooner. EPROM breaks the barriers with his alien-like glitches, bubbly 808 kicks and spaced-out synths. I know for some of you this EP teaser may seem a bit simple, but let’s not forget ‘The Mixtape 2009’ or ‘Robot Sex Tape 2010’.. to spice things up he also released ‘The Bay Area EP’ in 2010 which was full of club bangers. I’ve enclosed music and links to all the music mentioned. I advise taping yourself to the chair because I’ve yet to ever sit still to his music. EPROM hits NYC April 1st at Public Assembly. Don’t get caught sleeping – Grandose over-n-out!


EPROM – Robot Sex Tape 2010

EPROM Pipe Dream EP Teaser

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