Steve Lawler Presents: LIFE New York – Dekalb Market, Brooklyn [5.12.12]

“The only way you could really hear acid house and techno back in the day was to visit pretty bizarre locations, and I was part of that scene. Now 22 years down the line, I’d love to do something like that again but on a much better scale…”

After playing almost every club and festival on the planet, Steve Lawler chose to yet again carve a new path in the house music industry.  His new world tour concept, LIFE, is a unique approach to bringing house music back to its underground roots in the most illustrious fashion.

On Saturday, May 12, Steve made his first stop in downtown Brooklyn’s newest communal destination – a unique outdoor venue strategically placed in a labyrinth of shipping containers.  “Bizarre” doesn’t even begin to describe Dekalb Market.  It is by far one of the most amazing, different, mind-blowing places to host a show.  Anyone could enter the market, which is comprised of shipping containers transformed into boutiques.   A large and eclectic variety of shopping, delicious family-owned eateries, and tons of refreshments seems like enough enjoyment for your typical Saturday afternoon.

If you bought the modestly priced $40 ticket, you were able to walk through an underpass of yes, you guessed it – more shipping containers that served as an entrance to the music venue.  A small tent covered the DJ area that was in the front of a massive dance floor with more boutique filled containers as the perimeter.  Front and center was Sleepy & Boo, tickling our ears with some dirty tech-house.  It was a great warm-up for the man of the hour but was unfortunately tainted by the the annoying sound of a super tall cross dressing MC/host that wouldn’t shut up.  Other than that brief disturbance, Sleepy & Boo put on quite a show as per usual.

In conjunction with the theme of his tour, LIFE, Lawler kept the vibe super intimiate by chilling on stage, sipping champagne with friends.  After we exchanged greetings and snapped a pic, it was his turn to hit the decks.  My jaw dropped when I turned around to scope the scene, realizing the size of the crowd doubled in no time.  The sounds of Steve Lawler thumped through a surprisingly loud sound system for the middle of the day in downtown Brooklyn.

Everything was in its right place as hours passed and Lawler kept us all moving and grooving.  It’s hard to come by an event where every aspect of the show is up to par.  The production, the sound, the venue, the ingredients, the refreshments, the energy, and the crowd not only worked well on their own but also interacted in the best of ways.  I’m sure all in attendance couldn’t be more impressed with Steve Lawler, Viva Music, Dance.Here.Now., The Dekalb Market, and all of those that played a part in producing this epic event.  Look out for Steve’s LIFE tour at a bizarre location near you!

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Steve provided Lost in Sound with the newest release on his label ViVA MUSiC:

Lights out Decade mixed by Steve Lawler

 Stay On Point:

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