Sonic Bloom 2012 Tickets Moving Swiftly

Less than a month away from the kickoff of SONIC BLOOM 2012, the fourth wave of performers, artists, and workshops is confirmed, including 4 nights of Silent FRISCO.  SONIC BLOOM will not only cater to your ears but to all senses and intellect, promoting vibes of peace and unity throughout the weekend.

Among the plentiful workshops featured at SONIC BLOOM this year, newly confirmed highlights will include discussions on Galactic Earth and Galactic Family, with Adam Apollo, Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory, with Jamie Janover, The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamophosis, with Jonathan Zap, and a Sound Circle and Didjeridu Playshop with Kimba Arem.  A taste of this year’s featured yoga and movement workshops are: Merkabah Yoga: Embodiment of Unity Consciousness, with Madeline Grace Fauss; Tribal Fusion Belly Dance: Sonic Bloom Style, with Deb Rubin, and Basics of Acrobalance, with Christina Bingham & Garrett Goforth.

With an already blossoming lineup, SONIC BLOOM is proud to announce the addition of yet another wave of stellar performers to join the ranks at this year’s action packed weekend.  Colorado’s own Michal Menert will be gracing the stage as well as renowned acts Dynohunter, Shiba, Auditory ElementsDigital ConnectionAdsumMousteriousPorkchop, Cloud-D, Mancub, Matt Haze, Dani Be, VerdarluzDJ Synergy, G.O.A., and SPEKTR. This year will also feature 4 nights of Silent FRISCO, a dance till dawn party complete with two live, simultaneously spinning DJ’s and a two-channel headset.  Listeners will be able to alternate between sets and select the music of their choice with which to dance in the first rays of sun each day.

Slated alongside these talented musicians are fresh additions to the array of visual artists including among many others; Michael GarfieldKrystle “Krystleyez” SmithMelissa Leigh, and ChelseaLyn Graber.  Join them as they embark on a journey exploring color, spectrum, style, and design, transform each canvas into a beautiful story and translate the weekend and spirit of SONIC BLOOM into beautiful works of art.

For the full list of musicians, performing acts, visual artists, and workshops, check out for all up to date information regarding the festivities.


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