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Cover Art by Samuel Farrand

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“A message from Heiss regarding ‘Awaken(D)’: “Greetings Spirit kindred. I am very excited to present to you my remix project Awaken(D). This compilation is the result of hard work, planning, and lots of communication among producers, many of whom I consider to be the most profound in the Transformational festival circuit today. I am honored to call them friends.

Based upon principles outlined by Charles Eisenstein is his work Sacred Economics, this is a ‘gift economy’ release. The producers were however, compensated for their time in various capacities because time is the most valuable commodity we have – it is limited and backed by our lives. However there is no specified asking price for Awaken(D) – the suggested contribution is $4.14, or if you are able then $14.14.” 

Sonic sorcerer and hardware junkie extraordinaire Frank Heiss is back with another heavy hitter. The remix album Awaken(D) is the first official compilation to drop on Transcendant Tunes, his new label specializing in sacred bass music. It’s hard for bass to get more sacred when you feature artists like Supersillyus, DVS*, Skytree, and Soulacybin. Heiss’ resume speaks for itself; the dude’s created music for so long, he’s got analogs and synths older than you. Having such an extensive background in the field, he’s dabbled in almost every realm imaginable. Yet he somehow finds the motivation to keep creating relevant cutting edge music while remaining grounded in his roots. There’s no place for genres in this album – it’s an exploration of countless rhythms, BPM’s, and frequencies. Rather then generic genre talk, I think there’s something to be said about Heiss’ ability to have a unique sound that still allows these vastly different artists to put their spin on it.

Frank was put on my radar a few years back through fellow Lost in Sound comrades. I heard about this dude who was extremely spiritually connected who wore ties on stage. I figured our paths would cross sooner or later, but what really caught my attention was when I heard “Practice Laughter Yoga” on Lost in Sound’s Summer V/A Compilation 2013. I found myself playing the track over and over simply because of how good it made me feel. Frank and I connected shortly after, and I can comfortably say he is the most approachable artist I’ve met in the scene. There are a lot of weeds in this beautiful garden we submerse ourselves in, but when you come across a good apple like Mr. Heiss, it’s a great reminder of why we’re here. A lot of bad people make good music and a lot of good people make bad music, but when I find that double positive it really hits home. I don’t know, it’s just a comforting feeling knowing a good person is pouring their heart and soul into the music they make.

Each and every artist featured on Awaken(D) have proved themselves as capable and creative producers in the scene, yet there are a few tracks that stand out from the rest. Whenever I listen to music, I think of how it would translate into the live show. This is why I’ve been a long time fan of DVS*; his energy on stage and talent as a producer is top notch, yet I still believe he’s at his best when he remixes other peoples work. His take on “Sadhana gives off a warm and welcoming vibe, a perfect opening track for Awaken(D). I really feel like this album wouldn’t be complete without Supersillyus’ signature weirdness. Every track he touches is a mind-blowing journey that brings a smile to my face. Strap in and enjoy the dubbed out version of “Drop the Fuss.” Being familiar with all these artists is a double-edged sword as I continue to listen. Part of me wishes I had an unbiased objective view, yet I’m grateful to have an understanding of the artists I am familiar with. That’s why Living Light’s remix of “Bardo” caught my eye. I’ve been hearing a lot about her, and my curiosity peaked when I saw her remix on Awaken(D). Now I know what all the buzz is about. This track brought me to a place off the grid, maybe a beach in Thailand, somewhere where my heart is filled with serenity and gratitude. I can’t explain the reasoning, I guess we all interpret music in our own weird way.

Awaken(D) truly is a magical collection of sacred bass music. I can personally guarantee that your emotional and spiritual state will improve after one listen. I applaud Heiss, not only for his own work, but for the ability to bring together such an all-star cast of producers. The result is conglomeration of creativity and talent that simply cannot be ignored. A lot of music comes and goes, but Awaken(D) will be forever fresh.

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Heiss ft. Sohan at Gratifly Festival 2013

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