Ruby Room San Diego with Andreilien, Thriftworks, jOBOT [12.1.12]


Uptown San Diego’s Ruby Room is one of the most highly regarded music and art venues the city has to offer. Located in the Hillcrest/North Park area, this venue sits in the heart of the city’s most liberal artistic community. At The Ruby Room you may stumble upon a variety of different events including live music, whether it is local/international bands or DJs, an art opening, burlesque show, charity or fashion event. Whatever is going on, the place strives to maintain a focus on introducing all that is local. With no overpriced drinks and a kicked-back vibe, this establishment fully embodies what the city is known and loved for.

Last weekend, I caught wind of an event taking place at The Ruby Room featuring Andreilien, Thriftworks, jOBOT, and San Diego’s own DJ Carlo. Playing at the King King in Hollywood the night prior, this was the second round of their show. I was away from my now-home of LA and missed the show so I moved at another chance to see these guys again, after getting a taste at Lunacy Festival back in October. Collaborating  on making this night happen was the top production crew out of Tahoe, Fresh Bakin. Fresh Bakin’ linked up with SD natives Quitsleep to bring this show and it worked out great.

Inside the venue there was vending by some rad SD girlfriends selling their “Headeez.” These hoodies are handcrafted with love and no two are identical! They are light, durable , soft, AND reversible. These ladies also are available to take customized orders so your hoodie is tailor-made to fit your personality, and style.

San Diego resident DJ Carlo opened up the night. His sound is eclectic as he merges various sounds and samples from an array of genres. He has been described as “creating head-nodding beats with saw-tooth Latin hip-hop funk bass lines and a keen eye to forward-thinking production.” Carlo operates Trifecta Visual Media and was also in charge of visuals for the night. Whether offering music for your ears or a multimedia experience, Carlo prides himself on opening peoples’ minds to the world outside the Top 40 and leading them into the new age of live performance.

Right after came jOBOT, representing the valley of Los Angeles and the whole Headtron crew. Modern day producers already are provoked to wear multiple hats, from performer, composer, to sound designer. jOBOT seemingly pulls off these roles with ease, standing as his own as a lyricist and live vocalist as well. Classically trained and having a strong background in the jazz realm, his music and creative flare is uniquely his own. This was only my second time seeing jOBOT live, and I have to say I absolutely enjoyed his set. He sets the feeling just right infusing sultry downbeat, baby-making melodies with that trademark West Coast heavy dance floor zip tie-esq bass.

Check out jOBOTs newest release along w/ ChrisB:

Since Lightning in a Bottle, Thriftworks (Jake Atlas) has become a Lost in Sound favorite. Signed to Street Ritual, a multifaceted label for creative artists of various mediums, Thriftworks has been making serious waves this year since with his full album ‘Rainmaker‘. Between the shows in SD and LA, he dropped a few new tracks. With creeping low end, he passes you through dimensions using eerie sounds reminiscent of space exploration. Jake showed a perfectionism and professional ear when at one point in his performance he jumped off stage to the center of the floor to check the acoustics of the room.

Another headtron disciple, Andreilien {Heyoka} ended the night getting everyone up off their feet without hesitation. When Andreilien’s on stage, his intricate alien beats speak for themselves. Like a magnet his noises pull you in and always keep you moving without a conscious thought. He has toured nationally and trans-nationally extensively under his former persona, Heyoka, since blowing up on the scene in 2006. Yielding a huge loyal fan base within the festival and glitch-hop and bass music scene, he has become a force and favorite act of many.

Special thank you to Fresh Bakin’, QuitSleep, and Sean, owner of the Ruby Room, my beautiful friends and all the movers and shakers of San Diego! You make my vacations back to home worthwhile and allow my heart a place of comfort to genuinely be free to laugh and love. Thank you, I miss you!


Thriftworks// Street Ritual

jOBOT// Andreilien// Headtron


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