Evolutionista – “For Future Reference” EP

Bay-area DJ Griffin Crafts, known as Evolutionista, has made a stunning debut as a producer with the For Future Reference EP. In the future, we will refer to this as the start of a brilliant career composing intricate and emotional electronic music.

Full of swelling strings that defy the realization that they were played on a midi keyboard, the album is packed with organic realism stretched over glitchy liquid beats. This is downtempo IDM at its finest, a remarkably polished and complex offering for a debut.

There is a great patience in the music as it adds layers and morphs through its sections. The same can be said of Evolutionista’s career, as he’s been making a name for himself with live sets and mixtapes for a few years before taking a hiatus to focus on production.

He didn’t rush the project and doesn’t seem intent on gearing his music to the dancefloor or live experience, though it will translate to certain settings and occasions well. This clear rebuke of marketing concerns and instant gratification in favor of deep, unique, thought-out music makes him a rare and true artist, and we are definitely paying attention now.

Enjoy the free EP, donate if you can and keep your eye on dis guy..

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