Ravers and Zombies and Vampires- OH MY! 12th Annual Starscape Festival

Remember those people your mom told you not to take candy from when you were little? Ever wonder where they all hang out? Well, it’s Starscape. I guarantee that no matter how many festivals or shows you have been to, you have never experienced anything like Starscape.

Starscape 2010

Starscape is like “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!”– you don’t mean to stare but you can’t look away. UFO pants, pink hair, half shaven heads, candy necklaces, lace thongs, Drum n Bass werewolves, leather leashes, black eyeliner, spiked bracelets, Dubstep vampires, glow in the dark body paint, Anime ravers, Electro zombies, and, of course, Disco Biscuits fiends. No matter how different or unique each one of these festival goers are to one another, for the past 12 years, they have all agreed that Starscape is the place to be.

With 4 stages positioned around the gorgeous setting of Fort Armistead Park, Starscape is able to create an atmosphere unrivaled by other events. Unlike other festivals, Starscape has no camping and takes place from 2pm- 6am. This short time period manifests a carpe diem attitude that makes everyone party that much harder, and this year was certainly no different. In fact, this year’s Starscape was more insane than any of the other past 11. Why? Because for the first time ever, this years 12th Annual Starscape SOLD OUT!

Starscape selling out symbolizes the growing American community for genres such as Drum n Bass and Dubstep. While Dubstep and Drum n Bass are played on the daytime radio in places such as the United Kingdom, these genres are still in the early stages of emerging as popular American genres. If you are a fan of these genres, you have probably already been bombarded with the criticism that Drum n Bass and Dubstep are fleeting styles of music. However, sold out festivals such as Starscape have proven that these hater theories are wrong, and what was thought to be ephemeral is really on the rise. BOOYAH!

Disco Biscuits at Starscape 2010

With a sold out crowd, the festival was bound to be a huge success. The massive levels of energy flooded the stages, as each act did their absolute best to please their fans. Due to the high octane nature of the bass-heavy music throbbing from the skyscraping woofers, each artist, one after the other, stepped their games up to the highest levels of the year. These acts included The Disco Biscuits, (check out “Pilin’ It Higher” from the first set! WOW!), Excision, Pretty Lights, Borgore, Sub Focus, and Dieselboy.

If anyone deserves more praise then the next guy, it should be Steez Promo. Big up to the company that puts on this epic event every year. It is very rare to find a production company that is able to truly understand it’s target demographic. However, by expertly signing the industry’s most coveted artists, Steez Promo has managed, yet again, to get inside the minds of the fans. If you had the pleasure of attending this past year’s festivities, then I’m sure you too have already begun marking the days off the calendar until the next one. See you there!

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Performances Included:

Main Stage

The Disco Biscuits

Pretty Lights


The New Deal

Future Rock


Beach Stage



Trouble and Bass Live



Orchard Lounge

Trolley Snatcha

Two Fresh

Noah D

SegwayDamn Right!

Dave G w/ MC Diggadee

Sonic Spank

Steez Promo Bass Arena

Sub Focus


Dirty Phonics






MC Messinian

Cannon Boys

Hyx & Houston

Headhunterz INC


Dance Tent

DJ Dan

Wolfgang Gartner

Craze & Klever

Charles Feelgood

Reid Speed

Hot Pink Delorean

Computer Club

Terry Mullan



Uncle Jesse

Proxy and Lantern

DJ Nysus

DJ Sun


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