Devin Kroes X Resonant Language – “Misty Peaks” ( Exclusive Premiere) is excited to premiere the Devin Kroes X Resonant Language collaboration “Misty Peaks” from the forthcoming Chillage Records compilation album Crunksauce Vol. 5  which features 20 different producers’ creations covering a diverse range of genres, including artists such as Wu Wei, The Digital Connection, Spoken Bird, Secret Recipe and more.

“Misty Peaks” is reminiscent of an early Emancipator production, but with a full dose of trip-and-drip-hop. Devin Kroes’ reverberating acoustic guitar swirls in and around psy-breaks built by Colorado’s Resonant Language.  The result is something beautifully cinematic and gripping that pours out slowly from the speaker.

Chillage has been supporting the releases of west coast bass musicians for a number of years, and this fifth installment of their Crunksauce series was the first time they opened submissions to the public. Tunes from established producers and a handful of fresh faces fill the 19 track release. Chillage is releasing three tracks each week in various outlets before the March 29 official release date.

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