Telepath Remixes Ready For The Road

Telepath is back with a remix album featuring STS9, Thomas Blondet and Lotus, improving some tracks and adding new ones to their impressive repertoire. The album travels from funk to dub to Indian and African beats that weave together in a smooth, modern way. When I listen to it, I feel like I’m in a dimly lit, air-conditioned lounge in a highrise above Calcutta, watching the dust rise from the chaotic, teeming cityscape through thick panoramic windows, safely sipping some tea, bobbing my head. It contains the most refined and diverse elements you could ask for and flows seamlessly, but keeps us at arm’s length, not grabbing or challenging anyone, a pleasant global interlude

Occasionally they glide along comfortably on lounge cliches like Thievery does at times, too neat and tidy to have real street soul, resting on the exotic nature of their samples which are less exotic every day. Congas and dub echo again, awesome, love the primal ingredients but I’m always wanting more risks and departures… just let the bass ride out! This release attempts to push the boundaries of a project that has tread familiar ground, albeit well. I hope they continue to spice things up in the studio with more collaborations, and incorporate more styles and sounds. We have high hopes for this trio.

Perhaps the more danceable, edgy world music I crave will be expressed in Curt Heiny’s new side project Archnemesis, in which he teams up with rising beat producer Justin Aubuchon (M.O. Theory) and explores the dark side. Self-described as “Intelligent Electro-Crunk”, they seem to be onto something, and are making their debut at Camp Bisco this year. Check out and

Below are some tasty tracks to keep you going through the roadtrips and the line-ups and the cavity searches. There’s a funkdified version of Sound Tribe‘s “Peaceblaster”, an interesting collab with Mingle and a liquid dub version of one of my faves ,”Black Box.” Get to know their new mixes, and practice dancing to them naked in your room before catching them on the festie tour. Expect their new album “Crush” this fall, with more jah-wook jams fa ya ras clot ass.

Peaceblaster ’68 (STS9) – Telepath Remix

Subterfuge – Telepath vs. Mingle

Black Dub

Summer Tour Dates:

7/15  Camp Bisco Mariaville, New York

8/6  The Big Up Festival Ghent, New York

8/13  Muddy River Festival Woodstown, New Jersey

8/27  River Jam Festival   Fort Smith, AR

8/28  Summerdance Garrettsville, Ohio

9/4  The Getdown Music Festival   Mebane, NC

9/10  Dankfest Minot, ME

Read more and cop the album at: and

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