Raja Ram & Benji Vaughan: THE ZAP

Our favorite TWISTED “lone derangers, who warped a generation”, created yet another brilliant side project back in 2008, called “The Zap.” Raja Ram (Shpongle, 1200 Mics, The Infinity Project) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus, Younger Brother) released the album “Big Bang”, which offers “something for everyone with Psytrance, Techno, and Electro ranging from 120 to 150 bpm. This is what Psychedelic music is supposed to sound like. Every track is different and unique, stories told with sound.” Hailed as “cross genre advanced Psychadelic music, a total mind job”, this album is truly an experiment gone fantastically right. The title track, “Because“, a remix of The Beatles’ song by the same name, sounds like what the fab four would have made if they had access to modern-day equipment. The sonic landscape of this song perfectly complements the lyricism; it’s uplifting, catchy, bouncy-trOnce.

The video for “Proton Pusher” really exhibits the fun-loving, free-wheeling attitude of Tip World and Twisted Records. It looks like Benji and Raja are having the time of their lives, and the positivity is contagious. They clearly love what they do, wholeheartedly and unabashedly, and this seems to be the secret to their massive success.

The Zap – Hofmanns Watch

The Zap – I Can See Rainbows

For “Big Bang” details check out Arabesque Distribution

Full length album available for purchase at Psyshop

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