Quixotic x The Human Experience – ‘From The Outside Looking In’

The collaboration between Quixotic x The Human Experience expands beyond the sonic experience and into the mixed media world. Quixotic blends world class music and performance art with visual projections, fire ballet, and performance artists. On this release Quixotic’s live band collaborated with David Block’s cinematic compositions to create a synesthetic explosion for the senses.

Over the course of two years, Block worked with Shane Borth (Violin/Viola) and Magliano (Hang Drum/Percussion), sending files back and forth, receiving direction from them as to what kind of musical landscapes they were envisioning for the live performance. Finally, From The Outside Looking In was born. The final song on the album is a remix of a collaboration between The Human Experience and Mindex by the incredible young Australian producer Whitebear.

From The Outside Looking In explores a palette of sensual, global, organic-electronica, fit for one of the most mesmerizing performances on earth.


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