NYE West Coast Preview: Sea of Dreams

New Years Eve is a party goers long awaited last chance to end the year bigger, harder, and badder than could be done in the 12 months leading up to the anticipated night. It is a night of high spirits, lowered inhibitions, and high hopes for a happy, healthy, and rage filled annum to come. If this year’s SEA Of DREAMS is anything like last year’s, it will be jam packed with costume clad Dreamers intermingling in a chaotic yet highly orchestrated dance, while celebrating auditory and visual stimulations of the highest quality.

Artists like Thievery Corporation, Balkan Beatbox, and Modeselektor will help us celebrate 2010’s end in a cosmic Galaxsea themed style, on some of the most breathtaking non-Playa stage installments around (not to mention LiS favorites Mimosa, Mo Po, Beats Antique, and Gaudi). Many more artists are scheduled to play on one of three stages, and great planning must be taken to ensure getting the most out of the night. Great minds have been collaborating over the past 11 years to keep die hard fans and world class artists coming back to consistently outdo themselves.

If you are in the Bay Area and haven’t heard of Sea of Dreams, I must implore you to get out from under that lame rock and get wise. If you are down with high quality rage with high quality people who all share similar goals in living life to the fullest, the Doctor of Rage and Langston Ques hope to see you swimming this year in San Francisco.

Keep checking LiS for a complete head review with Doctor’s commentary, pictures, videos, and interviews with SOD originators, Modeselektor and other artists!!! If you can’t make Sea of Dreams this year, please make sure you rage responsibly, Use Your Head, and check out what you missed at the year’s most badass bash.

Check out last year’s Sea of Dreams as seen by Ranch and Dizzy here.

Check out the titillating pics of Sea of Dreams in the past here.

If you’re down to take a dive into the vibrant cosmic sea of love, art, music, and expression, buy tickets here.

LiS would like to thank the MonkeyTown folks with Modeselektor for getting LiS an exclusive interview the night of the show.  Check out their shenanigans here!! And stay posted!

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