Hypha & Psy Fi @ The Jambalaya July 8 + Exclusive LiS Download!

After a Friday night of unprecedented rage that somehow lasted until 6am on Sunday, I was skeptical as to whether or not I would be able to make it back out to Jambalaya for Sunday’s show. This doubt only lasted about five minutes until I thought of the dopeness my homies Aaron and Miles were going to force thru the signature Air Motion foghorns of funk. First the Mad Trees Digital producer showcase, followed by a WBOD hardware set to close the fool moon party in the mountains above town, and subsequently a very psychedelic river session the next day…now I get see my good friends playing original tunes for all the homies who have been missing Aaron’s sets? These ingredients make this one of the best weekends in Humboldt. Period.



Hypha, who has until recently been teaching English in Spain for the last 6 months, has a style that is crazy, lazery, diverse, and well produced, and Aaron is currently World Famous Productions‘ only artist on the roster. His style has been sculpted as a result of growing up in the strange social bubble that is Arcata, California, a place I have grown to love immensely. Elements of dubstep, glitch-hop crunk, lazer bass, and hip-hop all come to mind when thinking of Aaron’s music. His live sets are always different and exciting, playing originals and non. Ableton being spiced up appropriately with a Kaos KP3 effects pad and the Stutter program. Check out some of his tunes for yourself if you haven’t already, I’m sure your ears with thank you, especially if you have a subwoofer. Here is a classic Hypha tune with Aarons childhood friend Haiku Funkplus.

Psy Fi

Miles Psy Fi Ross has been making quite a stir on the North Coast’s ever expanding scene for a few years now, despite being only 23 years old.  Head resident and organizer of the bass music weekly Whomp Whomp Wednesday, he has been working his ass off for the past couple years to bring up some truly impressive acts to our little nook in the redwoods. Although DJ’ing and promoting come naturally to this young man originally from Grass Valley, he was hungry for more, playing his first all original set at the first installment of the MTD producer showcase in April. With great reviews he hit the studio type tough, eventually releasing his first EP on Ooze System which dropped July 1. A lil’ crunk, a lil’ progressive, very intricate, and a shit ton of bass.

Link to buy Star Knight EP on Additech

Miles is such a homie to the kid himself and LOSTinSOUND that he was nice enough to give away a free EXCLUSIVE track for download!! Grab this gem that slowly builds into an epic piano arpeggiated stutter’d out whompfest.


Make sure you check out the links and show some love to some up-and-coming artists that are reaching out to the LiS nation with FREE EXCLUSIVE TUNES. Biggup Psy Fi and Hypha and as always, large up to WORLD FAMOUS PRODUCTIONS. Special thanks to Aaron Houser for the photos and Zanapod, who always spins a great opening set. Much love from the North Coast, use your head and bump dat music that sounds good to YOU, and do it LOUD enough for others to feel it. ~Dyaphonoyze


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