Lotus Drops – Exclusive Lost in Sound Mix

Lotus Drops is a sultry mixtress and prominent SF area Dubstep DJ who’s dark and heavy selections can be heard deep within the urban jungles of the Bay and beyond.  A recent set at SONIC BLOOM 2012 in Colorado was one of my personal favorites of the weekend, the first to kick off the music in the Rocky Mountain Hydro Dome Saturday, providing a very hard act to follow.  An energetic stage presence and goddess of the playa style add to her performance: a true ironic collaboration of natural beauty and dark sonic beastliness.

Recently she has switched her format to straight CDJ’s with no computer mixing program aiding her performances, which for those who do not know makes the task way more difficult.  The DJ must really know the tunes in and out and the exact timing of the drops and buildups because there is no screen showing the wavelengths (on most CDJ’s).  This added skill really makes the performance more enjoyable for people that know the difference, and I give her MASSIVE respect for making that switch.

Lotus Drops

If you ever get a chance to catch one of her heavy hitting sets make sure to make it happen.  She goes deep, she gets dark, she goes hard.   On top of that she is a wonderfully approachable and huggable person, so if you like what you hear let her know!!! She’ll be much appreciative and give a good chat.

Anastasia was kind enough to record an EXCLUSIVE mix for the head users of the LOSTinSOUND.org family, so find a system with a subwoofer and BUMP THIS SHIT SILLY!

Lotus Drops – Exclusive Lost in Sound Mix



1. Caustic Storm- Phaeleh
2. Full Circle- DJUNYA
3. Left Hand Path- Subreachers
4. Mole man- Daega Sound
5. Movement 47-Skriptah
6. Vibrations-Noah D
7. Need a job- Icicle
8. Unforgiven- Matt U
9. Off We Go- Fr33m4n
10. anasazi- NoMan
11. Flow- TMSV
12. Mob Mentality- Ipman
13. Badmon- Dubamine
14. Maestro – Haze
15. Levitate- Lost, IE
16. Blow Dem Away- feat. Mr Tam Gunston
17. Surface- Requake and Badklaat
18. Monster- Riskotheque
19. Anti-biotic- Skriptah
20. Close Break- Menik
21. Primal-feat. Mr. Sinclair- Pixel Fist, Mr. Sinclair
22. Mind Control- Distance
23. First-Eshone
24. Instinctive- Ena
25. Wake Up- Parson
26. Dreams- TRUTH Feat. Yayne
27. We Should Light A Fire-Hyetal


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