FreQ Nasty Wonkhop Drumstep Cali Bass Juke Mix!


On this week’s Monday Mix we have locked in the latest mix from one of our favorite producer/DJs in the scene, FreQ Nasty. The mix travels through different genres of bass music, from Roly Porter, Eskmo, and Terravita to Eprom, to name just a few. FreQ Nasty has also recently come out with an EP labeled “Low Frequency Pureland,” which you can download through his Facebook. I’ve enclosed the tracklisting as well. Have a great week everybody, enjoy!


FreQ Nasty – WonkHopDrumstepCaliBassJuke Mix


01. Roly Porter – Corrin

02. Robot Koch – Glassdrops feat John LaMonica

03. FreQ Nasty – Heart of Definitive Meaning 

04. Take – Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)

05. Eskmo – Come Back (Lorn Remix)

06. Chris B feat. Gladkill – New Beginnings

07. Death Star – Back It Up

08. Switch feat. Andrea Martin – I Still Love You (Acappella)

09. Knight Riderz – 1UP 

10. EPROM – Shoplifter (Slugabed Remix Edit)

11. FreQ Nasty – Drum Play (Mash Up The Front Step Edit)

12. FreQ Nasty – Warm Dark Place

13. Terravita – Up In The Club (Edit)

14. Captain PANIC! – Screamer (Urban Assault Remix)

15. Tyke & Callide – Set Style (FreQ Nasty Re-Edit #2)

16. Phillip D Kick – Krome + Time – The License (Footwork Edit)

17. Boylan – Bullet Proof Soul

18. King Fantastic – Warning Shot (Knight Riderz Remix)

19. FreQ Nasty – 1000 Buddhas Of The Pureland Of Bass

20. Zen Death Squad – Superman (ZDS Remix)

21. Roly Porter – Arrakis


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