Blue Boy Productions Releases Free Song From Their New Album


Today, we upload something that many of us have been waiting quite some time for. Something…from another dimension.

Boston based producer-percussionist duo, Blue Boy Productions, have done it again with their remix of Zebbler Encanti Experience‘s “NEUROKENETICS.” The duo blends smooth, swaggerific bass lines and robotic polyrhythms over Encanti’s dial-up-glitch-step. The final product being audible, psychedelic perfection, something sound
engineer ALEX RUSSO and drummer CHRIS NARAINEN are known for.

Now, plug in some quality headphones or ask Mommy and Daddy for a new sound system, because this next-level, third ear track will surely jump start the flux capacitors on your weekend.

With sounds and samples reminiscent of Duck Hunt birds falling to their death
and digital ants speaking to the stars, BBP takes you deep into the stomach of psychedelia, where Ganesha is King.

Be sure to catch Blue Boy Productions and LostinSound’s own DigitalVagabond this coming Tuesday for Music Ecology at Wonder Bar in Allston, MA for a very special 2 hour set.


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