Lucidity Festival 2013 – The Totems’ Return – Preview

One of our all-time favorite festivals returns this year (check out our highly rated review of Lucidity 2012), and this time, The Totems’ Return.

“The animal totem spirits of our world are here to guide you. We call forth The Totems’ Return, ushered in by wise Owl, humble Tiger, noble Dragon, wild Monkey, tender Dove, and playful Coyote. This next chapter is simultaneously an invitation to reconnect with the animal within and an opportunity to learn from each totem’s strengths and weaknesses. This exploration brings a greater sense of self-confidence and clarity of purpose. This stage of the journey is imbued with magic and mystery, deep connection and fellowship, playfulness and lucid happiness. Embrace the animal energies, incorporate them into your very nature. Love them; become them.”

The tightly curated transformational art, music, performance, workshops, installations, and revelry make this gathering a coveted West Coast experience. This year features a stellar musical lineup, with Zion I, Phutureprimitive, ill.Gates, Gladkill, Bluetech, ill-esha, Kaminanda, Auditory Canvas, MiHKAL, and many more…

Renowned visual artists Albertico Acosta, Gregg Fleishman, The Alchemy Arts Collective, David Pricco, Michael Divine, Jesse Noemind, Ashley Forman, Justin Ascentional;

…and workshops such as Heightening Intimacy with Human Energy Field Awareness, Conscious Breath Experience, Service Without Sacrifice, The Holistic Building of an Alternative Culture, Tantric Yoga and Chakra Alignment, and more.

The venue, Live Oak Campground, is a festival goer’s dream playground nestled in the Santa Barbara mountains. This three-day dream begins April 12th through the 14th.

Check out the video series illuminating Lucidity’s transformational festival culture:

“Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. We call it open-source because we co-create this festival experience with YOU! We invite you to come play with us, get involved with one of our six themed villages, call together your totem tribe, bring art, lead a workshop, spark a spontaneous flash mob, embody a character from your dreams, be silly and wild and free! We bring together a world class lineup of musical talent and weave them together with the sounds and vibrations of our beloved local stars. Our galleries showcase the sickest fine art the region has to offer, enriching the festival as a visual voyage. Art installations pleasure participants with multi-sensory stimulation while themed environments create intimate settings for personal connections. Lucidity’s environmental commitment is to leave Live Oak better than before.” (

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April 12th-14th, Santa Barbara, CA

Live Oak Campground


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