2014 Festival Season Highlights

Photo credits: Jazzwall Arts & Aaron Cyrus Dorr

Gather. Transform. Experience. Grow. Expand. Share. Shedding our layers of winter hibernation and returning from Southern migration, to once again explore human dynamics and potentials within the spaces we converge. Creating parallel paths for potential collision, we open hubs of collaboration and connectivity.

Guided by the music into swirling nights that transform into sunrise serenades. A time when magic and imagination explode into realms of synchronicity encompassed in wonder. A dance of heart with the spirit tribe, sprinkled with the splendor of Mother Nature.


Directing visionary paths of Earth Spirited nomads, learning the delicacy of treading lightly upon the Earth. Flowing on a never ending summer dance floor, painting the epic of life with the vibrancy of love.

This season we unite to share knowledge, inspiration, dreams and manifestations. We expand across the vastness of a night sky, where we open once more to the vibrations of home and family, and remind ourselves of what it is to be human.

Festival life has become a platform for collecting ideas and experiences, places where we interactively design containers of transformation. Temporary villages where creativity and divine expression are the essence of daily life.

As we dive further into this existence of counter culture the tribe begins to grow and propagate. Festivals are sharing something special and unique, creating multi-disciplinary, multi-media, and multi-dimensional spaces for personal discovery and community gathering. Through the lens of art, wisdom, dance, healing, and music these convergence points are just a few of this 2014 festival season celebrations:

Euphoria Fest <<<>>> April 25-26 <<<>>> Austin, TX

Kinnection Campout <<<>>> May 15-18 <<<>>> Avalon, SC

Enchanted Forest <<<>>> May 30-June 2 <<<>>> Mendocino County, CA

Arise <<<>>> Aug 8-10 <<<>>> Loveland, CO

Euphoria Fest: Visionary artists take main stage at Euphoria Fest. An essential piece to festival culture, visionary artists bridge the tangible world with dreams of the collective imagination. When we explore art and explore ourselves in the artistic world we come to realize a new sense of freedom, in this state true self expression thrives. The Alloveus Art Gallery curated by Chance Roberts of Third Coast Visions is the artistic collaboration of 20 visionary artists. The gallery is a multi-media interactive art space perched above the Colorado river. Exploring in and around the mini riverside wonderland you will find the silent disco and a variety of workshops from hoop dance to aromatherapy basics. “Crafting a strange loop; a sensual dance with the fabric of existence, inviting you to come out and play. It is divine alchemy… Granting simultaneously and second-by-second, a blazing window to the soul, to God… To all of creation.” -Chaeli Cardenas, visionary painter whose work will be on display at Euphoria Fest.


Kinnection Campout: “We believe in the power of integrating the wisdom of traditional, tribal culture with the emerging modern visionary culture.” -Kinnection Campout Website. Kinnection Campout is offering a variety of platforms to gain knowledge about Earth’s cultures, to expand human understanding of self in the world. Throughout the festival there will be a diverse range of movement workshops such as Qi-Gong, contact improve, sacred hoop dance, and yoga. Participants will also have the chance to learn about the power of sound, through our visionary beat makers along side the traditions of sound healing and meditation in didgeridoo Sound Showers, toning, and traditional tools like singing bowls, and song circles. Connect with the teachings of shamanism through shamanic journeying, shamanic healing circles, and shamanism for the creative artist workshop. Such a delicious soup of culturally cultivated knowledge, feeding the insatiable appetite for information.

Enchanted Forest: Enchanted Forest is the ultimate manifestation of a dancer’s dreamland. The sculpting of our inner creature and avatar is given space for exploration among the mighty redwoods. Dance and movement are an integral part of celebration and ritual, festival producer Tulku, and the Enchanted Forest crew have designed an atmosphere where expansive liberation of the body and mind swirl together in a play date with our inner child.

“Enchanted Forest Gathering continues the tradition of blurring the lines between reality and make-believe. Stretching beyond what people have come to expect from the festival culture… Creating a container to nurture our individual selves and the infinite potential we posses.” -Enchanted Forest

Arise: “The music is like the fire… And we all gather around it to warm our souls” says Paul Bassis, producer of Arise. Music is the focal point of festival culture. Musicians share their stories, words, and insights. The music is what dances us awake to explore and open hearts and minds to new ideas and perspectives. Arise festival brings together a variety of conscious musicians, artists who are sharing a positive outlook on social change through the arts. Immerse yourself with the sounds of Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, Groundation, Ayla Nereo, Tribal Seeds, and many more who are spreading awareness of alternative thought through their talent.

More conscious containers for co-creation this summer:

Emissions <<<>>> May 16-19 <<<>>> Belden Town, CA

Lightning in a Bottle <<<>>> May 22-26 <<<>>> Bradley, CA

Unifier <<<>>> June 5-8 <<<>>> Lebanon, CT

Raindance <<<>>> June 6-9 <<<>>> Belden Town, CA

Firefly <<<>>> June 13-16 <<<>>> Flagstaff, AZ

Sonic Bloom <<<>>> June 19-22 <<<>>> South Park, CO

What The Festival <<<>>> June 19-22 <<<>>> Wolf Run Ranch, OR

Electric Forest <<<>>> June 26-29 <<<>>> Rothbury, MI

Rootwire <<<>>> July 17-20 <<<>>> Terra Alta, WV

Farmfest <<<>>> July 24-27 <<<>>> Rickeyfarm, NJ

Gratifly <<<>>> July 24-27 <<<>>> Avalon, SC

Beloved <<<>>> Aug 8-11 <<<>>> Tidewater, OR

Evolvefest <<<>>> Aug 29-Sept 1 <<<>>> Pottstown, PA

Art Outside <<<>>> Oct 24-27 <<<>>> Austin, TX


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