Sub.mission 7 Year Anniversary Preview

These days you can’t listen to a podcast or read an interview without one of the pioneers shouting out to Sub.mission and the crew. The work this collective has done in the past seven years has enabled hundreds of fledgling bass music producers, DJ’s, and enthusiasts to find their place within a community and solidify a global movement. With heavy weight label DEEP MEDI providing the international roster for the evening, Sub.mission 7 year anniversary will provide the quintessential dubstep experience. With fly-ins from around the world stacking up and a local community distraught with restless leg syndrome, tickets for the event are nearing a sold out status. If you have next weekend free and you claim to appreciate bass music, this event is as pure as they come and we hope to see you there.

Check out our recent interview with Nicole, Sub.mission’s founder HERE.

“Moving people through music, not hype.”

Below we feature a mix selected by our recent “Beyond the Void” winner IANT. This mix features exclusively seven year artists. Keep an eye out for his exclusive mix we will be releasing through our “Deep Dub Download” Series.






“For the past 7 plus years, Sub.mission has been pushing dubstep in Denver. What started out as a small, underground dance has turned into more than we would have ever imagined. I can not even fucking believe that this is my job. In the past 7 years, I have met so many amazing people, producers, DJs, fans, dancers, painters, creators… some of which I was fortunate enough to become friends. This year as we celebrate year 7 of Denver Dubstep, we also celebrate what has become a family for me and many others. We celebrate each other and how far we have come. We celebrate the artists that have brought us together, the artists who have moved us with their sound in ways that probably never seemed possible. Personally, this years line up, is hands down the best thing I ever did. The artists I booked all mean a great deal to me personally, and I look forward to sharing this incredible night with you all.

Tickets will be sold ONLINE only. This is a PRIVATE event, therefore, it is imperative that you purchase tickets via our website in order to have your name on the list at the door. There will be NO tickets sold at the door.

Breakfast will be served at the end of the event. We will have fat kid, vegetarian and gluten free options available. Please join us in welcoming the new (Sub.mission) year by staying and enjoying a home made meal with us.

Save the Date because we would love to see you there :)”

Much Love and Respect- Nicole


Hotel VQ at Mile High

Your group code for the attendees to call for reservations will be SUBM. The cutoff date for reservations will be 3/21/14.

Room rate of $69 sgl / $79 dbl.

1975 Mile High Stadium Cr.
Denver, CO 80204
direct ph 720-855-4003
toll #800-388-5381 ext 2102
f 303-561-0636





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