lespectacle 5.0 Showcases Experiential Design at its Finest

When talented artists create together it is certainly a sight to behold. Collaboration across disciplines is what allows a song, or painting, to become a full on immersive experience, capturing an audience’s memory with something that is simultaneously familiar and new. The Boston based badass rock band of the future known as lespecial! have become experts in artistic collaboration, both within their own project and without. Having spent the past several years creating and augmenting a variety of artistic endeavors, it only makes sense that the group has a spectacular eye for curating an experience.

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Enter lespectacle, a showcase event in its 5th incarnation, which will take place on Friday, October 23, 2015 at the Paperbox Theater in Brooklyn, NY. Bringing together some of the most innovative minds in the North East music and arts community, lespectacle (and it’s holiday season counterpart lespeshtivus) has previously hosted artists like Mr. Bill, Space Jesus, Thriftworks, Bird of Prey, and many more besides. Featuring top notch visual artists, stage design, and performers, the boys of lespecial have shown time and time again that they know how to throw down, and this time should be no different.

(Recap video from last year’s event, lespeshtivus, held in December with Yheti, Schlang Worldwide Secret Band, Supersillyus, Esseks) 

(Recap from lespectacle 2013 in Brooklyn, with Thriftworks, Space Jesus, Schlang Worldwide Secret Band, Blue Boy Productions, Technicolor Lenses, Digital Vagabond)

lespectacle 5.0 “welcomes you into a netherworld filled with strange sights, unique sounds, costume clad patrons, and an experience that everyone takes with them”. A Samhein theme will be augmented by a brand new Drew Suto stage design and sculpture/deco from past lespectacle collaborators The Reliquarium and Battle Hill Forge. The much anticipated Supersillyus Life Band joins lespecial! on the stacked lineup. NYC locals Horizon Wireless and Esseks (fresh off a hugely successful east coast festival tour), joined by Teddy Midnight, Ross Jenssen, and El Blanco Nino round out the 5th instillation of an event that seeks to “showcase some of the most forward thinking music artists in the northeast and beyond”. Listed as one of SpoiledNYC’s “27 Can’t Miss Indoor Concerts This October in NYC”, it’s sure to be an event that brings in an audience worthy of it’s cerebrally weird lineup. We certainly can’t wait to see the spooky things lespecial! has in store. Tickets are limited, and presales are available via the ticket link below.

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lespectacle 5.0 will be held at The Paper Box, 17 Meadow St. Brooklyn NY.

Music 9 pm-4 am





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