HÄANA – ‘Brym Remix Album’ Review

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Nordic and Icelandic-tinged, cinematic bass-rich compositions from HÄANA’s original album Brym are re-imagined and reinvented by some of her (and our!) favorite producers: Dimond Saints, Sinistarr, Haj i Ji, SOOHAN, Daega Sound, iLko, Victorien, and Subaqueous. 

Los Angeles-based sound artist HÄANA has been widely touring the festival circuit the last few years, on major stages including Shambhala, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest, SXSW, Further Future, What The Festival, Joshua Tree Music Fest and many more. She has made special appearances opening for The Rolling Stones with Kanye West, performing for Michael Jordan’s wedding, and for President Obama’s Inaugural Ball.

HÄANA is also deep in the yoga/music/meditation scene, and performs her original orchestral and intuitive scores at numerous yoga festivals and studios around the world, including the US and Canada Wanderlust Festivals, collaborating with renowned teachers Elena Brower, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Eoin Finn, Aarona Ganesan, Jill Knouse, and many others. She facilitates meditation experiences with her project DEEPSØNØS.

Below are my reflections on some of my favorite tracks from the Brym Remix Album:

Brym Al Mar – (Dimond Saints Remix) 
Swanky west coast bass swag, in an atmosphere of hopefulness and enticement. The original track is more elegantly minimal… the remix brings in more hyphy, mysterious elements; an almost ominous, marching vibe… nicely contrasted with emotional, hopeful violin and silly, sonorous chants.

The Finding – (Sinistarr Remix)
Uplifting and angelic, a spacious invitation into ethereal realms. Enchanting us, up and up- then the bass DROPS, deep and low, slooowly building. Classical instrumentation, seraphic voices, and experimental, psychedelic, gentle mental tickling…  peaks and valleys, high highs, low lows… A very wavy, interesting ride.

Skaldic Roulette – (Haj i Ji Remix)
Mmmm… Yummy, sensual, warm, loving vibes. I feel like I’m being rocked in the arms of the sonic ocean. Rising, full to bursting, leaping into epic crescendoes. The beats are calming and at once enlivening, pulling you deeply, fully and completely into this track’s profound, engulfing sound, invoking reverence, reflection and devotion. A beautiful gift to facilitate sacred moments… it is instant transportation to a deep emotional realm.

Phavet – (Soohan Remix)
SOOHAN takes us far out with his signature hyped up, exploratory, celebratory, expertly blended world fusion… hip-hop, psychedelic, everything-in-between-in-a-blender beats. I am a huge SOOHAN fan, and this is one of my favorite tracks of his to date. The bells are absolutely stunning, the space between each beat feels perfectly right on…. it delivers a dose of creative, progressive, unique fusion.

Phavet – (Victorien Remix)
Exquisitely experimental, I love what this does to my brain! Deliciously minimal, ancient and modern, nature and technology… high strings and sweet, releasing shakes; low, slow womps and wobbles. I imagine a psychedelic rainforest… outer space… the deep ocean floor. Bright chirping birds and dark doomsday bass work together perfectly. This is a really interesting interpretation of her original track. He seems to take her ideas and twist them in unexpected directions. I love how extreme anxiety and the most ultimately calming, inspiring, spiritual sounds coexist in on this track.

I’ll be listening to this track, and the whole album, at many a late night party AND mid-day alone at home in my underwear… it strikes a gorgeous balance, an integration of dark and light, classical and modern, electronic and instrumental; exploring the complex spectrum of emotion and a wide range of dualities, with an overall consistent sound that remains heartening, elegant, intelligent, and wildly beautiful throughout. I am floored.


Aug 5-7: Arise Festival, Loveland, CO
Aug 12-14: Beloved, Tidewater, OR
Sept 22-25: Symbiosis, Woodward Reservoir, CA
Oct 21: w/ Desert Dwellers, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO





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