New Rusko: Everyday

One of mainstream dubstep’s greatest influences, Rusko, is getting ready to unveil his new single, Everyday, on April 5. A year has passed since the bass heavy, drum savvy album, O.M.G first shook your home speakers and DJ turntables worldwide. O.M.G was an exquisitely executed album hosting everything from wobbling bass to dub-reggae, and dirty grime to samples of Amber Coffman’s angelic voice. The first track off the album, “Woo Boost”, marked its territory as a summer anthem of 2010. It’s nostalgic to look back on Oh Werd’s, “O.M.G.! W.T.F.?” and read, “The greatest song on the album by far is “Woo Boost”– a song that we will be telling our grandchildren changed the face of an entire genre”. To still find truth in this sentence 11 months later brings a smile to my face. Digital technology is constantly bombarding us with novel tunes hourly whether we like it or not. Rusko has not only managed to maintain his ground, but continues to grow, develop, and deliver as an artist.

Tomorrow we will have a new anthem in Everyday and you will not be disappointed. Rusko stays true to his sound with solid deep pulsating bass lines, steady four to the floor drums, and simple chopped and screwed melodies. No doubt that the Netskey remix will have you out of your seat and dancing with your hands swinging wildly in the air. This five-track collection contains remixes by Netskey, DJ Q, Original Sin, and collaboration between Rusko and fellow womper, Reso.

To hear the album version of Everyday:

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To stream full tracks off of Everyday click here:

Rusko performing Everyday at Ultra Music Festival 2011:

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