Friend of the Devil: Damon Swindell

“I woke up one night in a cold sweat and realized I had a demonic alter ego: Damon Swindell.”- Sam Barry.

Sam has been a music maker for years, playing bass (electric and upright) throughout high school in Dallas, Texas. He had is own band Funk Dirty and also played alongside various jazz-quartets, country,blues, rock, funk, and soul groups in the city. Sam was starting to feel Damon’s presence enter his conscience on stage. Magical intoxicating sounds would flow off his bass and the audience automatically responded in an obedient dance trance. The control, the music created, and emotional bond between the crowd and artist was immaculately pure. Palpable power is a difficult device to forfeit. Sam made a deal with the devil to sever all ties with his current existence. Now he solely goes by Damon Swindell.

Mr. Swindell is a musical chameleon. He received a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and decided to turn his hobby into a career. Any genre that exists, Damon can play, and play well. He understands the coded language of jazz and decided to apply his knowledge towards the one genre he had yet to tap: electronic. He began to invest his time in playing keys, making beats, and chopping samples to create his unique sound.

Damon’s inspiration is comprised of various eclectic sources: chopped and screwed beats from DJ Screw/Three 6 Mafia, jazz embellishments and grooves from Robert Glasper/Ornette Coleman, Horror Core Hip Hop, dub-step, funk, remixing, and various artists off of the label Mad Decent.

December of 2010 marked Damon’s first electronic release, “Gucci Funk: Gucci Mane VS. Dam-Funk”. The mix floated from the East to West coast and soon gained national recognition. Gucci Funk was soon followed up by “She’s Probably A Freak”. The new “mix” currently consists of two tracks, but will soon be a part of a full-length album.

Two weeks ago, Damon made his way back to Texas to play three shows at The Daily Juice, The Juicebox, and Romeo’s for the world renown SXSW music conference in Austin. He received an roar of approval from the crowds and took his talents back north to Dallas to play an underground warehouse party. (See pictures) Today, Damon Swindell is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. He is working on “dub-step mash-up tracks,” releasing a self titled jazz quartet album, and playing shows along the East Coast with his best friend and room mate, Booty Thrill (a.k.a. Alex Seikaly).

If you ever get the opportunity to see these two live, you are in for treat. Be sure to check their websites and with us for upcoming tour dates. Make sure you wear your dancing shoes and be prepared to lose your soul to the devil.

[wpaudio url=”’%20Theme%20(Runnin’%20Back%20VS.%20Toeachizown%20D-F’s%20Theme).mp3″ text=”Damon Swindell – Runnin’ Theme (Runnin’ Back VS. Toeachizown D-F’s Theme) Gucci Funk” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”’s%20On%20&%20On%20(That’s%20All%20Vs.%20My%20Funk%20Goes%20On%20&%20On).mp3″ text=”Damon Swindell – That’s On & On (That’s All Vs. My Funk Goes On & On) Gucci Funk” dl=”0″]

To Download Free Tracks:

Astro Zombies Video By Damon Swindell

You Turn Me On Video By Booty Thrill, Featuring Damon Swidell:

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