Symbiosis Elemental Alchemy 2015 – Yoga, Visionary Art and Permaculture Immersives


Since its inception in 2005, Symbiosis has remained one of the highlights of festival season. From solar eclipses to masterful musical line-ups and speakers on the cutting edge of their fields, Symbiosis Events gathers and showcases the brightest of festival culture. This year along with their once again spectacular and jaw dropping line up, they are offering a cornucopia of knowledge in their pre-festival event Elemental Alchemy.

Two years ago, Symbiosis hosted the first Elemental Alchemy, the course grew from 30 slots to an overflowing 55. With such a positive response, Elemental Alchemy is on again, this time they’re bringing in a whole new crew of artists and teachers to explore the learning curve.


Photo by Christine Peterson

This year’s 5-day course will be a knowledge sharing experience of a variety of subjects, from permaculture, visual art, and yoga. Symbiosis Events is bringing the alchemical components used to brew the ideal festival setting to the brain waves and hearts of their participants.

Elemental Alchemy will be weaving together the pieces of festival culture that make it unique, to teach and inspire festival and workshop participants beyond just the three day experiential overload of Symbiosis. This small skill based gathering is establishing a participatory realm for learning, where ideas aren’t only planted, but are harvested and shared.


Photo by John Felix Shaw

The small pre-festival gathering will be a space for reflection and personal exploration, to harness ones talents and learn more about the gifts we share when we can inspire each other. Through 3 separate immersions highlighting permaculture, visionary art, and yoga, each element will be an open book of knowledge during the coinciding 5-day courses. Highly qualified teachers presenting information from their fields, will be hosting the programs. From visual artist Android Jones, to permaculture specialist traveling with The Polish Ambassador, Ryan Rising, this event is for the knowledge seekers.


Photo by John Felix Shaw

As the festival scene grows, that which we express through it becomes more full of intention, the language becomes more defined, the artists ever more inspired, and the teachers more skilled and assured in sharing their crafts. Elemental Alchemy is going to be a showcase for this growth, and for the mastery of living the life we dream.

Watch the “We are Symbiosis” video series to learn more about the variety of instructors and other artists who will be attending the festival:

Find out more information about the event and how to join on the ELEMENTAL ALCHEMY

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