Gathering with Intention: Global Peace Weekend

Our tribe gathers around music. We find each other in the dusty woodlands or city warehouses celebrating in the blossoming and fruitful life we have been so blessed to bask in, under huge speaker systems to the movement of dirty bass. Music is the intersection point, dance is the language, and the dance floor is the seeding place for ideas.

Within this multi-constelated whirl of dynamic movement meditation, the collective dances their intentions and emotions expressing and releasing that which is tucked into the fabrics of our physical form. In this collective meditation, together we raise our awareness and reach new patterns of understanding, empathy and pathways to joy and celebration. Through the dance, bass and community, we change the spheres around us.

Recently scientists have begun to study group meditations and how they affect the planet and humanity. Through noticing statics like lowering crime rates, we recognize that the quality of our thoughts and intentions have an impact on the social landscape. Offering positive intentions and releasing of prayers on the dance floor in those moments of heavy vibrations is a way for our community to bring a life altering substance into the collective.


This weekend, Global Peace Weekend, there will be a potential to raise the atmosphere of peace through a global synchronized meditation. In light of World Peace Day, the non-profit organization Unify is organizing a meditation, where in we will virtually gather as one global family to meditate together with one powerful intention of peace.

Unify will host a number of web events through their site, The online World Premiere of ‘Inner Peace To World Peace’ starts on Saturday, September 19 at 4pm PST/ 11pm GMT followed by the Global Peace Meditation at 5:00 pm PST / 12:00 Midnight GMT. Then on Sunday September 20th, there will be a wave of live events at starting at 12:00 noon in your time zone. On Monday, September 21st, everyone is encouraged to take peace into the world by forgiving someone in their life. This is a time to commit to raising the vibration of peace now and moving forward in your life.

On the celebratory, expansive realms of the dance floor or in the serenity of the forest we can shed light on our own human power to create positive change through the strength of our thoughts.

Find out about locations for gathering in meditation on the map at

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