I LOVE THIS DJ!!!! If you don’t know Canadian musician DJ Subvert then you are missing out! His FREE 1 hour and 10 minute Temporal Fusion Podcast properly labeled SPEAKER HUMPIN’ violates its listeners by dropping some of the most perverted Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Glitch, and Dubstep beats out right now. Subvert’s original sound integrates countless underground styles, providing a breath of fresh air for those heads who are constantly searching for that raunchy, neck-breaking, panty-dropping piece of music that can be playing from start to finish while never ceasing to make outside listeners stop and ask; “Holy shit man! WHO IS THIS?!! SPEAKER HUMPIN’ is not only raw and in your face, but Subvert showcases his individuality by incorporating hilarious samples within his mash-ups. (2mins and 30 seconds into the podcast he repeats the word midgets like 15 times!) Did I mention I love this DJ?

Naturally, a Canadian DJ with such dirty skills would never miss an opportunity to perform at the renowned Shambhala Music Festival. His performances at Shambhala over the past couple of years have yielded such positive results that he has almost guaranteed himself a place on the festival’s roster. In addition to being a DJ, he is also Co-Founder of PK Events, a Canadian sound, lighting, audio/visual, rentals, stage and event production company. It is no surprise that his company is responsible for the ever so effervescent Village Stage at Shambhala.


One of Subvert’s greatest qualities is his ability to synthesize the heavy grime of contemporary underground beats with old, classic songs, thereby not limiting himself to one genre of thought. Explicit examples of this are found on this podcast and include remixes of “Love Shack” by the B52’s, “Space Jam” by Quad City DJ’s, and “Strawberry Fields” by the Beatles. For all you bass-heavy Dubstep fiends, the last half hour of the podcast is straight up gut wrenching.



SPEAKER HUMPIN’, which I cannot stop listening to, can be downloaded for FREE on iTunes, off of his MySpace page, or from the link below. (Entire albums are not as good as this FREE podcast) I don’t recommend taking a shower right before you listen this to absolutely filthy podcast as you will just have to take another one once it is over. Enjoy!!


P.S. At exactly 11 mins and 33 seconds into the podcast, make sure your speaker is wearing a condom.

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