Rusko In The Mix!

Rusko aka Christopher Mercer was born into a musical family in Leeds, England in 1985. As a child he was surrounded by music played on various instruments by his family members. Growing up, he began listening to heavy reggae and dub, which was slowly infiltrating the streets of Leeds. After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Musical Performance, Mercer discovered Dubstep and worked on developing his own style of the genre.

He has spent the past ten years creating innovative Dubstep alongside many artists, beginning with Iration Steppas. Rusko’s love for the sound helped him grow and network through the industry, and he moved to London to advance his musical opportunities. He joined the label Sub Soldiers and created some mega hits alongside fellow Dubstep producer Caspa.

The dark side of Dubstep has always been an obsession of mine. Dirty beats are what gets me going, but when I first heard Rusko many things changed regarding how I vibe to music. Rusko takes a more exclusive approach to Dubstep mixing, matching sound clips from movies and adding his own style which can be described simply as fun and high energy. With his unique style and approach to the music, he has stood out as a heavy hitter in the Dubstep community.

Gaining experience from his sets on radio stations and live shows, Rusko seems to be aiming towards the top and climbing at an astonishing pace. His music has caught the attention of many artists, including Diplo, Drop the Lime, and Scratch Perverts, and Jason Hann from EOTO. His hit single ‘Cockney Thug’ was played over BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong, later giving him the opportunity to produce his own Essential Mix that, I must say, had me dancing for days.

At the age of 23, with a recent move to L.A., Rusko has just hit the beginning of what will help him establish his spot as one of the top Dubstep producers worldwide. His upcoming U.S tour is generating some serious hype, and all we can wish for is this man to keep on producing. Make sure to check out one of his upcoming shows!

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