RESONATE! An Adventure in Crazytown

Resonate |ˈreznˌāt| Verb [ intrans. ]
Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound : the sound of the siren resonated across the harbor.
• figurative evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions : the words resonate with so many different meanings.
• (of an idea or action) meet with someone’s agreement : the judge’s ruling resonated among many of the women.
• technical produce electrical or mechanical resonance : the crystal resonates at 16 MHz.

Coming up on April 28th is the 7th Annual RESONATE party in Chicago, produced by The Freakeasy collective, where legendary Dirty Bird producer Christian Martin will be in attendance.

“The Freakeasy” is a multi media immersive collaboration of various art and performance mediums based out of Chicago.  Inspired by Burning Man, The Freakeasy is an “all inclusive” collaborative network of professional artists and builders. The Freakeasy has grown exponentially over the past 7 years by creating transformative experiences for it’s audience.  This is achieved by creating interactivity and equality among its audience and participants.  Not just a soundstage, not just a circus, not just a lounge, not just a canvas…The Freakeasy is all of that and much more….”     (

For a few years, I’ve attended this Burning Man-esque event, and although I will not be there in body this time, I will be there in spirit.  I’ve found this event and the community that makes it possible to be one of the most welcoming I have encountered.  What I witnessed and eventually participated in is an impressive community model successfully based on “nurturing art, self expression, and all inclusivity“.


Last year, the event was given clearance by the city to have fire performances throughout the night.  I was especially awed by a few other things; Kentucky-based artist Jumbie had some of the most astounding art I have ever seen, seriously. (  The dance performances blew me away- between the music selection and the pure, cutting edge talent, sexiness, and thought that accompanied the dancers on stage, I saw some great shit.  One performer I remember specifically is Dollface; this sultry chick knows how to captivate an audience.

Adding to the glory is hearing music on the Funktion One sound system, one of the premier systems on the planet.  Some of my favorite music performances included those of: Radio Hiro (3 #1 songs on BBC, DJ & Hookadome), MC ZULU (you’ve heard this guy’s vocals before), Duke Shin, Nate Manic, Bobby Friction (BBC radiohost, DJ, & South Asian music enthousiast), Mr.Rogers (my favorite, of course! Ooze Sound Systems), and Alex Mace & Ding Dong (part of San Francisco-based crew called Brass Tax). I also LOVED Environmental Encroachment, a full-on marching band with whacky costumed members.

Overall, at RESONATE there is a huge amount of fabulous creativity being displayed by a vast array of participants- hundreds of minds sharing everything from live-painting, to serving hot tea, to a crew of party’ers dressed as bumblebees welcoming you into their honeycomb-themed lounge. People even greet you at the door with hug and give out a You are beautiful sticker.

What I’ve experienced over the years at Resonate differs from many events & scenes.  Being inquisitive by nature, I talked with a lot of random people and discovered that they shared the same sentiment; they are part of something special; an encouraging community which truly welcomes everyone.  People from all over the country flock to this gathering; tickets sold out last year.  It’s a guaranteed great time for allowing the fun, freedom, and freakness to RESONATE within….

This year, RESONATE: Year of the Dragon will be held at the Metro Smart Bar on Saturday, April 28th.  Get tickets or see more at


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