Conspirator at Paradise Boston [4.12.12]

Since the group’s inception with DJ Omen years ago, Conspirator has featured a revolving door of some of the best talent in the livetronica scene, sharing the stage with Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (of the Disco Biscuits). With each new tour it’s been interesting to see Conspirator evolve, never quite knowing which musicians the group will be comprised of the next time around, and how that will develop their sound.

I can’t say I’ve ever really been disappointed by a Conspirator show, and April 12 at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston was certainly par for the course. With an emphatically amped up KJ Sawka on drums and RAQ‘s Chris Michetti fitting in nicely on guitar, this brand of Conspirator has begun to mature more into what I would call a “band” than the livetronica “super-group” of the past. Although the sound of Brownie’s bass didn’t seem to stand out as much as usual, I attributed this to the more open layout as a result of the Paradise’s renovation.

All night it seemed like, song after song, I was left guessing what would come next. With covers of Rush‘s Tom SawyerThe New Deal‘s Gone Gone Gone, the Grateful Dead‘s Scarlet Begonias, and the Disco Biscuits’ Onamae Wa to close out the show, Conspirator had me on my toes ready for anything, between the dance moves that is.

All-in-all when any members of the Biscuits are in town it always seems to be some type of family reunion, and needless to say, this show was no exception. Check out all of the amazing photos from the show and Conspirator’s Soundcloud below, featuring tracks from their new album “Unlocked: Live from the Georgia Theatre” (Buy the album HERE).
~ IntuiSean

[cincopa AYGAC7qlE4h9]

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Photos by Margaret Quigley



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