Entheo – ‘Involution’ Review

Entheo is a sacred union musical from the luscious Northwest of the U.S (Portland, OR). It’s a lover’s collaboration by acoustic-guitar-playing-earth-steward, Theo Brama (vocals and guitar) and his playfully soothing beloved, Amma Lightweaver (vocals and piano). Together, they are an exquisite example of divine union in co-creative motion. Through their monumental breakthroughs in experimentation, together they have birthed their latest organic-electronic  album, Involution. The instrumental influences of the this album, truly makes Involution an organic masterpiece from combining the piano, guitar, bass, flute, and trumpet within the electronic soundscape.

Involution; the inverse process to evolution, in which consciousness is gradually incarnating. These two individuals, have found their divinity within themselves and are now sharing it with the world from their collaborative heart space. The birth of Entheo is a shining example of the infinite creative potential that exists within each relationship. The moment we open up our experimental capacity to our beloved, is when the true purpose of the healing connection begins to unfold. The track “Holy Union” was the first song constructed at the beginning of Entheo’s journey as a duo. This song symbolizes the first steps into shared destiny; unfolding the multiple meanings of partnership.

Involution is a sacred medicine journey. The soul settling tones of Amma’s voice soothes the nervous system into expansive receptivity from combining dual worlds; ancient and future. The piano and guitar lures the listener into the downtempo beats of the electronic soundscape. Gently, the sound garden guides your soul into a digital plunge to meet that brief sensational pause. The synth, percussive beats, organic instrumental tones, and savory female vocals looped into an attuned chorus, lifts the listener to breakthroughs of soaring melodies; heightening into epic victories. The instrumental blanket will tuck you into your meditative-medicine-journey.


Within this collaboration, is an ever growing versatility. As love is transformational, naturally, so is Entheo. The other projects birthed from this union are two acoustic projects. One of them is Theo’s baby, Love is Forgiving. Often times, Amma and Theo will share a duet when the two are playing this album live. Love is Forgiving will remind you to be compassionate, empowered, and loving on your path. The acoustic melodies serves as an instrumental base for the prayers sung within the compelling lyrics. Theo Brama has the potential to move you to tears with this album. The mantras within, Love is Forgiving reminds the listener to look within themselves to embrace the truth of this human experience on our planet. The poetry is assembled to render the listener speechless to reflect in the silence of resonance felt behind each song’s story. The other acoustic project is Finally Home. Currently, Theo and Amma are hosting a crowd funding campaign for Finally Home. If you enjoy and energetically support the creations of Entheo, please consider donating! The album will be coming very soon.

Amma and Theo don’t stop there. Before Involution, came the Entheo ambient tracks. Starting with Entheo Is; a blending of melodic and cinematic climaxes with deep ambient drones and washes of elemental textures. Entheo’s most recent ambient creation, Lucid Surrender is a more refined version of Entheo Is. With soul nourishing vocals by Amma LightWeaver and Water Dropz. All of Entheo’s ambient tracks will take the listener deeper and deeper within themselves, offering a peaceful space of reflection. They even created music for guided meditations, including collaborations with Alaya Love’s “Heart Breath Meditation.”

There is a common thread within the mystical weaving of Entheo’s creations; pure intentions. These two beings are radiant lights in the world. When I first heard Involution I couldn’t stop smiling due to the fact that Theo and Amma’s music is a direct reflection of the light each of these individuals shares with the Earth, commUnity, and Spirit. Entheo inspires communities to unite in inspiration. Personally, my favorite song in Involution is “Emanation.” This song, is an example of the West Coast community conjoining to ignite each other’s passions into existence. Here is the story behind the song, “Emanation,” by Entheo

“Emanation, a magical creation born in the full swing of Summer 2013. There was a rare astrological alignment known as a double grand trine where six planets in our solar system formed a six pointed star in the sky. During that time, it just so happened that there was six amazing musicians staying at Onedoorland. Theo had just returned from a two week trip back home to Canada for the first time in two years, so on his return home he was already feeling eager to create something. To be surrounded by other musicians he admires and respects was a dream come true. Magic and inspiration was in the air.

The track started with Akoya on the flute. Shortly after that Theo selected and looped specific flute parts, then came the bass and synth lines. One by one, the vocalists entered the booth and added their beautiful & unique parts. It ended up being three women singing vocal parts and three men on the instrumental parts, two triangles forming a six pointed star, the harmonic alignment in the sky mirroring the musical alignment on the ground. Emanation was born.” ~Entheo~


Vocals: Water Dropz, Mama Crow, Marya Stark

Flute: Akoya David

Trumpet & Guitar: Travis Puntarelli

Entheo’s most recent collaborative release was with Erothyme (Bobby Blessed) from Denver, Colorado. Erothyme’s album, Circadia features Entheo on “A Thousand Hands of God” and “I See Your Everything.” I highly recommend listening to these tracks.

In just a few days, Entheo will be releasing their latest albums, Open Human Heart and The Epiphany Invocation feat. Richard Rudd (The author of Gene Keys Golden Path).

If you’d like to listen their creations and support the evolution of these two Earth Guardian’s visions, feel free to visit their website and their Bandcamp.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Much love and peace to you.


Anam Cara

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