Ned Scott (of The Egg) Late Night 20 Pratt Jam


Welcome to our new series of articles entitled “LostinSound Recordings”.  Each will feature an audio recording captured on our newly purchased audio recording device.  The audio may not be perfect and it will improve as we work out the kinks, but for now think of these recordings as auditory memory enhancers of an event past.

Episode #1

20 Pratt, located in Allston, Massachusetts is home to a few bloggers and Use Your Head crew members.  It has become an established late night jam spot in the Boston area, having had many well known musicians such as EOTO, Two Fresh, and Dopapod grace the musical equipment in our basement.  Shortly after The Egg and Lotus played to a packed crowd at the Paradise Rock Club on November 5th 2009, members of each band made their way back to 20 Pratt.  It wasn’t long before a jam began and I recorded as much of this one time only set as I could.  In this recording you will hear Ned Scott (Keyboardist and Vocalist for The Egg) jamming with Mike Kapelli on drums (mastermind behind, Trinumeral 2009 and U.S tour manager of The Egg) and Jake Boynton on bass (Use Your Head crew member and bassist for local Boston bands such as Mancub and Simple Syrup).

Ned Scott (from the egg) late night 20 pratt jam – recordings Ep. 1

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