Monkey Around With Modeselektor


Modeselektor, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, have managed to incorporate myriad styles from electro, techno, dubstep, electronica or hip-hop. The Berlin-based duo can be found meshing it all together (and more) in both their original productions and live shows. They transcend genres and what were once Ableton Live laptop sets, have become straight CD mixing.

Here is their Jetlag Mix for XLR8R podcast. Ranging from dub-step and bassline to French house and kwaito (evolution of house music combined with African sounds), this podcast shows that Modeselektor brings some serious heat.

Modeselektor – Jetlag podcast

1. Kode9 vs. Badawi – Den of Drums (ROIR)
2. Cylob – With This Ring (Rephlex)
3. Dj Mujava – Township Funk (Warp)
4. 2562 – Techno Dread (Tectonic)
5. Black Noise – Nature of the Beast (Original Black Noise Mix 2) (End to End)
6. TRG – Missed Calls (Subway)
7. Screaming Soul – Warfare (Ruckspin & Planas Remix) (Ranking)
8. British Murderboys – Hate Is Such a Strong Word (Counterbalance)
9. Elemental – Blob (Runtime)
10. Alex Cortex – Huyendo pt.2 (Klang Elektronik)
11. Zomby – Strange Fruit (Ramp)
12. TRG – Oi! Killa! (Cool and Deadly)
13. Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122 (Ed Banger)


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