Beardyman – Artist Spotlight

How often do you go to an electronic show and laugh your ass off?

Darren Foreman, also known as Beardyman, is quite possibly the only improvisational comedic beat-boxer who specializes in electronic music.  He is a master of looping technology, and he can be seen with five Korg Kaoss pads, multiple synthesizers, and a looping station.

His name,”Beardyman,” came about before a gig when they were looking to add his name to the flyer, and at the time, he had a beard. Pretty simple.

He often takes the audience up on a challenge – they yell out suggestions for types of genres, and he picks the hardest choices to mash up. Simultaneously with ease, he turns them into a danceable song and a comedy. There doesn’t seem to be a genre he can’t produce. He also sings and freestyle raps over his beats to create hooks, versus and choruses.

I haven’t been to one of his shows, but I’d imagine you would leave with your cheeks hurting and your ear drums satisfied.




Beardyman released his debut album, I Done A Album, on the 21st of March, 2011, so please support him and buy that album.



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