Music Ecology Announces ‘Local Heroes Showcase’ for Together Festival

Music Ecology and The Brain Trust are bringing you a local showcase of talent not to be missed as part of this year’s Together Festival week. Get down to Wonder Bar in Allston, MA on Tuesday May 14th for two floors of some of the best local electronic producers, DJ’s, and bands the Boston area has to offer.

Wonder Bar
186 Harvard Ave
Allston, MA 02134

May 14 // 9P – 2A // 21+ // $15

Line-up (in alphabetical order):
Blue Boy Productions (downstairs)
DigitalVagabond (downstairs)
FDOT (downstairs)
Figgy (upstairs)
eelko (downstairs)
Jeff Bujak (upstairs)
lespecial (upstairs)
Supersillyus (upstairs)


Blue Boy Productions (Music Ecology)

BBP is a live electronic dance music duo specializing in intense bass heavy songs that span the genres of EDM, blending live instruments with samples and original productions in a way that allows for real improvisation and unrehearsed moments of creativity and spontaneity. Already well known throughout the Northeast US for their energetic live performances, BBP is starting to make a name throughout the world with an innovative and interesting style of live bass music.

Blue Boy Productions Website

Blue Boy Productions Bandcamp


DigitalVagabond (Electrogenic, LostinSound)

Currently based out of Boston, MA, Patrick Boyle aka pattyprogrammer is a Producer/DJ, photographer, event-planner and Jewelry Fabricator ; a connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and festival culture. His DJ name DigitalVagabond is essentially derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing digital technology and cyberspace as symbiotic interfaces full of possibility– the potential for an unlimited network inseparable from nature. 

Previous activities and collaborations to-date include a residency with Music Ecology at Wonderbar (Allston, MA). Co-organizer and co-manager for Lespectacle (Boston), and helped to organize the Brothership Connection Tour featuring lespecial, Spacejesus, and BlueboyProductions. His DJ sets have opened for the likes of Two Fresh, NitGrit, Opiuo, Bird Of Prey, Kaminanda, Govinda, David Starfire, Killowatts, Skytree, BlueBoyProductions, lespecial and more.

Patrick Is a synergetic member of Electrogenic, an art collective of creative, inspired, conscious specialists who use their skills and talents to generate positive influence in the world; the collective specifies in modern media, viral marketing campaigns, HD photo, video, and audio processing. “Electrogenesis” a word used to describe the occurrence of cells connecting electronically in order to heal the body– powerful intentions and proof that good does exist in the world. 

Patrick is also a co-manager  for the widely acclaimed online hub, the go-to site where you can find eloquent writings and resources for the leading music and events in the current underground music scenes.

DigitalVagabond SoundCloud

pattyprogrammer SoundCloud

DigitalVagabond Facebook


eelko (Fractaltribe, Electrogenic)

eelko is the moniker for Boston based DJ and producer, Christopher Carchedi, who is living proof that electronic music production has allowed composers to find a sound and voice all their own, as his music is unparalleled in its uniqueness. While there is still common ground and tradition out there, it’s safe to say that now more than ever, no two producers will sound alike, and eelko is one of the most developed and mature examples of this new phase in the evolution of music. 

All his instrumental selections sit in the frequency spectrum unobtrusively. This is proof that his years of audio engineering work have manifested well. eelko’s music is spacious and airy, using silence as efficiently as sound to create the interlock necessary for an emotionally moving dance track.

Take a journey into the mellow, mature musical world of EELKO for a taste of some next level production that concerns itself with the sound and the sound alone.

eelko SoundCloud

eelko Website



The name FDOT is synonymous with dedication to Drum & Bass. As a co-founder and former member of the now defunct outfit, The Statesmen, FDOT made dancefloors across the Northeast sweat with seamless precision. As a new member of the stateside collective, M.I.A., the next level is on the horizon. In 2013, his direction takes a multifaceted approach, both in the studio and in the booth. The many forms of contemporary D&B are explored with attention to transition and narrative, while conveying a forward-moving dance vibe. FDOT holds true to the defense of proper Drum & Bass. Buy the ticket, take the ride…




Figgy (Symbols, Freshmore, Broke City)

Former jazz trombonist turned Producer/DJ, Figgy broke onto the scene in 2012 with EP’s on both Freshmore and Symbols. Combining elements of house, garage and r&b his latest EP “For The One” charted in the top 10 on Beatport’s House chart and received critical acclaim from the blog world. Along with his original productions Figgy is also well known for his remixes and bootlegs, earning the #1 most downloaded track on XLR8R for January 2013 with his rework of Drake’s Doing It Wrong. Honing his skills as a resident DJ for Broke City (one of Brooklyn’s most notorious parties) Figgy’s sets are filled with edits and exclusives taking his audiences on a journey through the more soulful side of dance music.

Figgy Website

Figgy SoundCloud

Figgy Facebook

Figgy Twitter


Jeff Bujak

Massachusetts based performance duo ‘Bujak’ is Jeff Bujak (on the keys) and Jen Dulong (on the LED hula-hoop). Jeff Bujak is a solo experimental/progressive music producer from Massachusetts who creates instrumental songs centered around classical composition, progressive rock and dance music that dives deep in the waters of complex live electronica. Jen Dulong performs on stage alongside Jeff with an LED hula-hoop providing beautiful lighting and movement with a visual depth to solo musician. Bujak is carving a new path in the live-music scene one show at a time. It’s something different. More info at

Jeff Bujak Website

Jeff Bujak Youtube


lespecial (The Brain Trust)

Born in the woods of Connecticut and raised in the wilds of Boston, lespecial has established themselves as innovators and tastemakers on their own unique trajectory. The aggressive death-funk dance trio explodes with energetic live sets, tapping into a primitive past distorted through the lense of contemporary technology. Coming off the release of their second EP, Ceremony, preceded by Playonbrother Sessions (2011), Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar/keys/trumpet), Luke Bemand (bass guitar/synth) and Rory Dolan (drums/samples) ignore convention, instead amalgamating the familiar styles of Afro-Latin  traditions, Hip Hop, Funk and Metal into a singular sound that dexterously transforms during their live sets and over the course of their studio albums. As Ben Weiss of Relix Magazine puts it, “Amidst the rest of the noise, lespecial is the squeaky wheel that demands attention.”

lespecial Website


Supersillyus (The Brain Trust, Re:Evolution)

Supersillyus is an electronic musician and producer based in Allston, MA. His music is a genre-bending adventure through psychedelic IDM and dub and he has recently shared the stage with acts like Hallucinogen, Ott, Conspirator, Eoto, Phutureprimative, and Tipper. His first full length release, Grampaspaceshuttle, tickled the ears of the electronic community, earning him a spot on’s Top 5 Newcomer Albums of 2010. 

He spent over a year meticulously crafting his second record Tesselations, which was released through Base Trip Records. With this epic double album, Supersillyus allows listeners to explore highly evolved and extensively layered soundscapes, while shaking their asses to a tasty mix of tribal drums, swirling synths, and the occasional marimba solo.Tesselations takes the listener on a journey past boundaries of IDM, world beat, and dub, making use of traditions as old as Sanskrit chants or a child’s Saxaboom.

Supersillyus Website

Supersillyus SoundCloud


Music Ecology

Music Ecology is a Boston based event production collective formed in the summer of 2009. Our weekly Tuesday night residency at Wonder Bar as well as various events throughout the city have exposed Boston audiences to numerous local, national and international talent.

Music Ecology Website

Music Ecology Facebook

Music Ecology SoundCloud

Music Ecology Twitter


The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is a collective of artists, media, and music professionals based in Boston and New York City specializing in event production, marketing, and artist management.

The Brain Trust Website

The Brain Trust Facebook

The Brain Trust Twitter


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