Mr. Rogers: Maestro Of The Aliens, Maestro Of The Robots

One of my favorite producers, based in Northern California, is about to invade the East Coast- you have been warned. Why do I believe the music of Mr. Rogers stands out? Whereas a lot of music with heavy bass, crunk, or glitch elements often has dark undertones, I find that Mr. Rogers blends these elements more intricately, often in an optimistic manner. He conveys an upbeat, buoyant vibe… the sort of music that makes unfamiliar reality (on both a personal and interplanetary level) less ominous. It pops, and I pop with it. Joyously.

See For yourself:

Mr. Rogers – Dynamite Fishing by Mr. Rogers

His latest album, Licking Crystals is available at

The first track, “Go With God” is a psychedelic, breakbeat, fun dance tune, and has some simple yet nice piano in the background. Track 2, “Bouncepsy”, starts out synthy and goes into glitch. It may make you feel like you’re dancing your way through a party at the house of a friendly ghost. Track 3, “What Does It Mean?” is a mid-tempo menagerie that keeps the listener on their toes. Track 4, “Cut Like A Buffalo” is upbeat, glitchy, and seems like a song that should be playing on a game show. Specifically a game show that has robot contestants who compete against each other in time-sensitive challenges. Track 5, “Bass Mouse,” is my favorite. The jazz piano shot me into speakeasy mode; it will make you want a Lucky Strike cigarette in your hand and a red-lipped girl on your arm. I love (love love) this track for dancing. Track 7, “Just the Tip,” is bouncy piano with some horns. Halfway through, it sort of becomes a video game soundtrack performed by an orchestra of aliens and robots. In Track 8, “Too Many Notes,” a gentle, dreamy harp contrasts with abrasive bass, forming an industrial fairytale. Track 9 has a guy spitting inspirational lyrics like a droid.

Stream / Download Mr. Rogers’ Seattle Mix of originals and remixes.

Photo by Luiza Leite

Adventures in CRAZYTOWN Questionnaire:

LiS: I love the graphic for your CD… intriguing, vibrant, a little gross- all in one! Who did it?

Mr.Rogers: I did. Thanks.

A few years ago I heard a track of yours that seems similar to Track 3 (“What Does It Mean?”).  The track on the CD has many more elements added.  What can you tell us about how the song progressed from the beginning, to what it is today?

Well, I’m not sure which one you heard. I think I’ve done a few tracks that have this style to it. But this track originally started as a remix of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House.” You can hear that version at But I liked the track so much, I pulled the Talking Heads parts out, and kept going with it. The sample in there is pulled from the cut-scenes of the movie “Knocked Up.”

During Track 5 (“Bass Mouse”), why does what happens just before 2:00 (the sample) sound very familiar to me?

There is a string sample in there originally by Bernard Hermann for the movie Psycho. I know it has been sampled many, many times. I’ve heard it in lots of documentaries and other things, but was probably sampled most famously by Bustah Rhymes for his track “Gimme Some More” (A really awesome trippy video too. You should YouTube it!)

In technical terms, could Track 7 (“Just The Tip”) be considered a symphony (written for an alien & robot orchestra)?

I would agree with you there. I think a symphony kinda means that a song will take on multiple parts. I don’t know if it is technically a symphony, but it definitely changes a few times.  That is one of my favorite things, though- to make the track take several turns, and kinda hit that animal from every angle.

Tell us about this Track 9 (“Desire”)- who is it, why did you chose it, just tell us whatever you want about it.

This is an older track I started about 4 years ago. I recorded the vocals with a guy named Wink, who is an extremely talented MC, right before he moved away to Brazil. I didn’t have any decent equipment back then, so we actually ended up recording it on a cheap Radioshack computer microphone. The sound quality was terrible, but I really loved the lyrics, so once I ran them through a vocoder it really came through as a beautiful thing. I’ve never really liked the track that much, because it never felt finished to me, but the vocals are just so good and uplifting, and every time I play it live, it gets an amazing crowd response. I’ve had lots of people tell me it is their favorite, so I decided it had to be released on this album.

What is Ooze Sound Recordings?

My label.

How would you describe your music?

Funky – psychedelic – midtempo – bass-heavy – breaks – cartoon-y – lazer – crunk.

Did you play an instrument when you were younger?

Yes- guitar and a little piano.

How did you get into recording music?

My dad was a musician. I started mixing guitar, vocals, keys, and beats in an old Tascam 4-track when I was about 16.

What are your top two favorite fruits?

Eeples eend beeneenees.

What are your favorite venues to perform at?

Deserts and forests.

What three cities would you like to perform in next?

New York, Tokyo, and Berlin.

Have you played internationally?

Yes, in Canada a few times. Does that count?

What were you listening to in Jr. High?

Prodigy, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Alice in Chains, G. Love and Special Sauce, E-40.

What festivals have you performed at?

Burning Man, Shambhala, EmrgNsee, Phoenix Festival, The Big Bounce, Priceless, Stilldream, many others…

Which do you prefer:  The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Definitely Beatles.

Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin?

Pink Floyd.

Tequila or Whiskey or Vodka?


Circumcised or Uncircumcised?


Bars or Underground Parties?

I prefer underground.

Dancing or Singing?

Both at the same time.

Slash or Axl Rose?

Fuck Axl!

Being Really Rich or Being Really Smart?

Smart of course.

Mr. Rogers will be touring the Northeast and Midwest in the late Winter. Keep your eyes peeled for his show dates in Philly, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Asheville, New York, Kansas, and more to come…

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