Lost in Sound’s Exclusive Interviews at Ultra Music Festival 2012

Nobody Beats the Drum

Lost in Sound was lucky enough to sit down with Nobody Beats the Drum.  These 3 Dutch masterminds absolutely demolished their headlining slot at the Worldwide Stage on Friday.  I asked them about their tagline – “Resistance is futile, nobody beats the drum.”  Their response was humble, as they sort of laughed off the question.  Once I saw their live set, it all made sense.  Resistance is futile, these dudes throw it down HARD!  All of us at Lost in Sound fully support Nobody Beats the Drum and can’t wait to see them blow up in the near future!


Click here to see a video of Nobody Beats the Drum’s set at Ultra Music Festival


Flux Pavilion

LiS:  Whats going on Flux first time at Ultra what do you think?

Flux Pavilion:  First time in Florida!  Nice weather!

LiS:  Are there any other artists here you’re a fan of or excited to see?

Flux Pavilion:  Uhhh I think Justice is the main one.. and Dillon Francis, oh yeah.

LiS:  So your holding down Circus Records of course, can you talk about the origin of that how it came to life?

Flux Pavilion:  Well I think it was basically just I was writing tunes, Doctor P was writing tunes, and we were signing a bunch of stuff to other labels, like tracks here and there, and we just kind of thought, rather than making tracks for other people to sign we could just write music that we could put out ourselves- doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as we liked it we wanted to put it out there, and that’s what circus was.

LiS:  So who do you guys have signed to the label today?

Flux Pavilion:  Me, Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, Roksonix, Slum Dogz, and Brown & Gammon.

LiS:  Awesome.

Flux Pavilion:  Yeah, it’s all pretty cool!

LiS:  Throwing down tonight at 6:30 back to back with Doctor P. Can you talk about your relationship with him on and off the decks.

Flux Pavilion:  Uhhmm, well I’ve known him since I was a little kid, since I was about 12.. so he’s kinda like my best friend in a way, but- to the point where we don’t even talk anymore. We just sit in silence, you know, you got a friend like that?

LiS:  Haha yeah of course

Flux Pavilion:  Yeah I just know him so well.

LiS:  As we all know your track I can’t stop was sampled by Kanye and Jay-z in their new album watch the throne How do you feel about that? How’d that come about?

Flux Pavilion:  Uhmm, well they were just over in the UK, in the studio, and heard the track on the radio and I guess they loved it so.. I was actually over here touring and its like a remix essentially and I’m really excited to hear what anyone’s gonna’ do with your music, let alone fuckin’ like huge guys in the US, it’s pretty cool.

LiS:  What are your thoughts on the progression of dubstep as a genre in the US.. Are you a fan of the mainstream wave it’s caught or do you think it’s something that should remain underground?

Flux Pavilion:  Umm, IDK, I think well dubstep’s a culture now more than a genre. And I think there will always be music that stays underground and there will always be music that makes it to mainstream- the important thing to note in dubstep is I don’t think anyone’s made any to be mainstream and that’s really cool.. you know, now there’s acts coming up that are trying to write tracks in dubstep to get a chance and that’s when it gets a bit weird.  But as long as I don’t do it and my guys don’t do it, as long as we just carry on making music how we’ve always made music, I think we’ll be cool.

LiS:  If you weren’t making music right now and dj’ing in front of thousands of people, where would you be?

Flux Pavilion:  I’d probably be depressed.. working in a café, just making ends meat.. this is pretty much all I’ve ever done since I was a little kid.. I don’t know,maybe something would pop up, maybe a chef, I’d like to be a chef.

LiS:  When can we expect flux to tour again around the east coast?

Flux Pavilion:  Well in may and june we’re doing 6 weeks on a bus.. me, Cookie Monsta, and Brown & Gammon.. we’ve just announced the dates so that’ll be fun, looking forward to it.

LiS:  Thanks a lot flux, look forward to your set tonight!

Flux:  Yeah man, pleasure.

Watch the video footage of our exclusive interview with Flux Pavilion!



LiS:  Whats up man how you feeling?

Borgore:  Not Bad, yeah excited for today.

LiS:  First time at Ultra? What do you think?

Borgore:  It is my first time at Ultra, well um, I haven’t seen anything but this tent but soon I’m gonna start looking for some….

LiS:  What are you most excited for this weekend other than your set of course?

Borgore:  See everyone, just chill on the beach, having a drink…

LiS:  Ladies?

Borgore:  We have plenty on the bus… haha but good times, good times.

LiS:  So what got you into making music?

Borgore:  I just didn’t want to have boundaries, no boundaries, I want to be able to do whatever the fuck I want.

LiS:  What do you think of the progression of dubstep as a genre in the United States?

Borgore:  I don’t think its about dubstep anymore, I think it’s electro music in general, it’s just uh …it’s there man, it’s all happening right now.

LiS:  Are there any other artists here you’re excited to see?

Borgore:  The whole list man! Have you seen the list, it’s insane! Yeah there’s just too many good artists.. I wish I was a kid, I wish I was 18 again.

LiS:  When can we expect you to tour again?

Borgore:  Im touring right now, bringing two strippers, documenting one, its gonna be a good time.

LiS:  So what is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

Borgore:  I cannot tell you man

LiS:  You can tell me

Borgore:  I cannot say… crazier than what you think.. think about the craziest shit, crazier.  I’ll tell you after the recorders off.

LiS:  Haha ahh it’s cool man go ahead.

Borgore:  I can’t man! My poor mama!  .. I already had my zipper open, I almost got the blowjob but it was on the ustream, so I was like nah afterwards.

Watch the video footage of our exclusive interview with Borgore

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