V/A Compilation 2013

Here at LostinSound.org, we are in the midst of a transformational process, through which we aim to develop our relationship with the global electronic music community. To catalyze this transformation, we are pleased to announce our 2013 Compilation Series, which will be a quarterly release of exclusive tracks produced by artists we love. For the first installment in this series and to celebrate reaching 5,000 likes on our Facebook page, some of our favorite artists have generously given us exclusive, previously unreleased tracks to share with you, wonderful readers. From Shpongle, Random Rab, TRUTH, Govinda, EOTO, David StarfireThe Malah, and many other beloved musicians, these unreleased tracks were hand-selected and mastered by the artists themselves, specifically for this compilation.

If you are an artist and would like to contribute to the next installment, please contact us at LostinSoundorg@gmail.com, as we are now accepting submissions for the Second Quarter Compilation. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to all the artists and fans who have supported us so far, and WELCOME HOME to those of you who are new here! We believe that everyone should find the music they love and make live music a part of their lives. Use Your Head, Rage Responsibly, Create your Community, and Be Good to Each Other <3 LOVE, All of Us @LostinSound_org

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Shpongle (Simon Posford – Piano, Raja Ram – Flute)  Facebook | Website | Twitter

Auditory Canvas  Facebook | Website

Random Rab  Facebook | Website | Twitter

eelko  Facebook | Website | SoundCloud

lespecial  Facebook | Website | SoundCloud |IndieGoGo

Supersillyus  Facebook | Website | SoundCloud

EOTO  Facebook | Website | Twitter

David Starfire  Facebook | Website Twitter

Govinda  Facebook | SoundCloud | Website | Twitter

The Malah  Facebook | SoundCloud | Website | Twitter

TRUTH  Facebook | SoundCloud Twitter

Soulacybin  Facebook SoundCloud

Blue Boy Productions  Facebook | Website |IndieGoGo

pattyprogrammer ft. lespecial  Facebook | SoundCloud (a.k.a. DigitalVagabond)

Skytree  Facebook | Website | Bandcamp | SoundCloud


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