HEISS – “Purple feat J Brave” (LostInSound.Org Exclusive Single) + Q&A

How did this track come together?

In 2015 I accepted an offer to perform at Three Days of Light Gathering outside of Asheville, NC, and it turned out to be an amazing event. I ended up being lodged in the same cabin as The Luminaries. I knew the name and that it was hip-hop, but I had not yet heard their music or seen them perform. They crushed the place and after the show, I ended up talking with J Brave near our cabin. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: hip-hop is what got me into electronic music in the first place – there are two reasons why I sold my drum set and bought an AKAI MPC 3000 – Pete Rock and DJ Premier. After talking about music and spiritual matters for a while, we exchanged contact info and eventually I sent him a beat to flow over. The rest is what you’re listening to.

Did you have a musical direction in mind when you stated?

I was seeking to produce something that had the raw energy of 90’s hip-hop that I know and love, but that also had a more modern lyrical flow incorporating some elements of Spirituality. J Brave delivered flawlessly. I also wanted to use some modern production in it, so it wouldn’t only sound like an EMU SP1200 with crate digger samples. Compositionally, I enjoyed having to be more disciplined and really allow space for rhymes to sit in the mix. I couldn’t just go balls out with key and meter changes if I was to make beats underneath vocals – less is more and that’s a good thing.

What’s on the radar for Heiss?

I’ve done some tracks with other emcees in the last years – Mr. Lif, Jackson Whalan, Soham and Fun Yung Moon. I’ve found a focal point with this release that I want to hone in on further and do more of. Watch out for even more rhymes in my future releases.

Does J Brave any new projects coming up?

J Brave has a solo album entitled “Amethyst” that’s dropping on 1/11/2017. It’s featuring an array of producers including Sol Rising, Rhythmstar, Ari Melo, and other epic guests. His group project Luminaries is also going to release a new album called “Seconds of Solace” in 2017 along with a documentary film entitled “When The People Lead” about their travels and peace tour through Palestine and Israel.

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